In my experience, I’ve seen lots of communities for married women. Places where they can share their stories about being a wife and/or mother.

But where is the community for singles? Where do they have a place to share their stories?

That’s what “My Singleness Story” is all about.

This is a blog series by singles and for singles.

It’s a place for singles to have a voice, to share what they’re learning in this season of life and any struggles they may have in it. Where they can share how they’re growing closer to (or farther away from) God in this season.

It’s where we come together and learn we are not alone.

This series can only take off 1) if God allows it to, and 2) if people are willing to share their story.

Would you like to share your story?

First, prayerfully consider this. Then fill out the form below. In the comments section say that you are interested in sharing your singleness story. Then I’ll email you with more information. :)

Thank you for wanting to be a part of this series!