The necessity for stress relief is enormous.

Just take it from me; this past Tuesday I was literally curled up on my bed about to cry from stress.
I couldn’t move.
I couldn’t think clearly.
All I knew is that I had so many things to get done, and so little time to do them in.

I was stress paralyzed.

I have discovered that being stress paralyzed isn’t constructive when it comes to finding time to blog (Thus I didn’t blog at all this week…oops…).

In fact, stress paralysis tend to hinder life in general. (And thanks to Mom’s Night Out for providing me with this term.)

Stress Paralyzed:

The state of being held captive by stress, where one is incapable of moving, functioning, and sometimes even thinking. If not treated immediately, a stress coma can lead to extensive worry, apprehension, and lack of sleep.

It’s real, y’all.
I experienced it this week.

But there’s hope…

Seven Stress Relief Activities:

Stress paralyzed? Here are seven simple, soothing, stress relieving activities to empower you to create stress relief and care for yourself.

1. Exercise.

Take a walk (or run if you’d rather). Breathe in the fresh air.
Turn on some upbeat music and dance out the stress.
Do jumping jacks.

Just get moving.

Working out produces endorphins which make you feel happy, and thus provide stress relief.
I don’t fully understand it, and I’d like to believe that working out is evil… but in reality, exercise is good for you.

2. Take deep breaths.

Breathe in for four counts.
Hold for seven counts.
Then breathe out for eight counts.

This will calm your rushing heart, and soothe your worried brain, and thus provide stress relief.

3. Coloring books.

For reals. Coloring in a Disney Princess coloring book is one of the most relaxing and soothing activities I can think of.

Just grab a coloring book, and a box of crayons, and get at it :)


The picture I colored last Tuesday when I was stressed :)


4. Take a bubble bath or a hot shower.

The heat will relax your body, and thus provide stress relief.

5. Sleep.

This is essential.

When I feel stressed, I don’t think that I have time to sleep. I have to keep moving to be able to accomplish everything I’m stressed out about.

Sleep is very important for your physical and mental health, and often lack of sleep is a cause of stress.

So, when you’re stressed next time, take a power nap or go to bed early. Your body will thank you for it.

6. Stretch.

Relieve your aching muscles!

Pretend you’re a little kid at P.E. class again, and go through all of those basic stretches. This will loosen up your body, and thus provide stress relief.

7. Write a to-do list.

When I have a lot to do, I often get stressed out just trying to remember everything that I must accomplish. So, I make a to-do list.

Just seeing everything on paper makes me feel better. And often, the list of items to cross of is less than I imagined.

So, make a to-do list, and then get to work crossing those things off!

Stress paralyzed? Here are seven simple, soothing, stress relieving activities to empower you to create stress relief and care for yourself.

Follow those seven tips, and stress relief will be on your horizon.

I know whatever is stressing you seems like a huge deal right now in the moment, but I promise, it will be gone soon. Just don’t give up hope and keep fighting.

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2 thoughts on “How to Create Stress Relief

  1. Dad

    I get stressed just thinking about writting a to-do list. And you wonder why I NEVER SLEEP. Do you have any crayons I can borrow, the only ones that I know of at home are the ones that you GLUED and melted to make PICTURES! :-) Laughing helps get rid of stress as well. I do understand where you are coming from and I pray that you continue to learn to deal with stress. Love ya, Dad


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