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I’m just going to say it: Prayer can be boring sometimes.


I know I shouldn’t feel that way. Prayer should be this amazing time of communication between us and God.. but sometimes it’s just a little dry.

I want to spice up my prayer life. 

I don’t think God wants prayer to be something we dread doing. Prayer is our way of communicating with Him, and if we actually enjoyed praying, we’d do it a whole lot more.


So here are 4 creative ways to pray:

Do you ever find prayer to be a little... boring? Here are 4 creative ways to pray to help you enjoy your time of communication with God.

1. Play-doh

Trying to sit still with hands folded is a sure fire way for me to become scatterbrained and distracted whilst I’m trying to pray. So one time, one of my friends suggested that I pray while using play-doh.

And you know what? It worked.
Simply having something to do with my hands enabled me to pray a much more focused prayer.

Go figure!

So if you’re like me and find it hard to focus when your hands are still, grab a container of play-doh and start molding things while you pray.
You can even make shapes of the things you’re praying for! :)

2. Painting

Get out paint and a brush (or just use your fingers) and paint whilst you pray.

You can paint a picture to God or paint key words from your prayer, or combine the two and paint a picture with words overlayed.

This is something I have recently begun to do, and I love it.
I turn on worship music and use watercolors to paint a picture while I pray. And then sometimes I’ll incorporate words from a song or a Bible verse onto the painting.

3. Write a Psalm

The Psalms of the Bible are beautiful poems written to God. I love reading through them to gain inspiration to know how to pray.

Then one day I wondered, Why not write my own psalm to God? So I did, and it was a great way for me to express myself to Him.

Some days I’m not in the artsy mood, but I still want to pray in a way that’s out of the norm. So I write, because I’ve always loved to write. (Go figure, a blogger who loves to write, LOL!)

Click here for an example of a psalm I wrote after I lost my job this semester.

4. Go on a Prayer Walk

Need a way to pray that involves movement? Take a walk! And pray as you walk for the people and places you see around you.

Some ideas of where you could go prayer walking:

  • Down your street
  • On a nature trail
  • Around the outside of your church
  • Around your local high school
  • Through a mall
  • Through Walmart

I love prayer walking! Since I live in Texas, I just have to be mindful of the time of day that I go prayer walking. I went prayer walking around my church the other night around 6 and it was SO hot.

So if you live down south like me, keep the weather in mind as you prepare to go on a prayer walk. :)

Bonus: Prayer Journaling

I haven’t really kept up with prayer journaling as much as I’d like, but it’s definetly a fun and creative way to pray.

The other day I shared 12 blog posts to help us start prayer journaling. I’d encourage you to check that post out and explore the links I shared. They’re jam-packed with good ideas :)

Today, I want to challenge you to try out one of these methods.

Play-doh, paint, psalm, walk, or journal.

Try one out and see if you like it. :)

The important thing is that you pray. Not how you pray. God will hear your prayer no matter how you help yourself focus on Him.

3 thoughts on “4 Creative Ways to Pray

  1. Anna Watson

    Love these ideas. I’ve been using adult coloring books during my prayer time. I have an amazing grace and a coloring the psalms that’s perfect for prayer time :)

  2. Dion

    How amazing is this!!! I have been struggling with the same issues whilst praying and have felt like I keep on praying over the same things…kindof sounding like a broken record. Your methods are defenitely going to get my creative juices flowing and I am sure that better, deeper prayers and discussions with God will present themselves

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