Dear Daddy,

  2. Thanks for always helping me…
  3. …such as when I need you to drop off something I forgot at home in my car,
  4. …or when I have car trouble,
  5. …or the WiFi isn’t working,
  6. …or when I just need a stick of gum.
  7. You’re always willing to teach me something new…
  8. …like when I was little and asked what the solid and dashed lines on the road meant,
  9. …or how to vote,
  10. …or how to make banana pudding.
  11. You’re filled with dad jokes…
  12. “Dad, I’m thirsty!” “Nice to meet you Thirsty, I’m Friday :)”
  13. The days filled with Roller Coaster Tycoon, when you would make the best roller coasters ever.
  14. Speaking of video games, our days of Backyard Football were the best!
  15. And playing football (AKA “Tackle Daddy”) with you and Kyle was pretty fun too.
  16. And Uno. I remember one time Mom was on a trip and you, Kyle, and I played A BUNCH of Uno games. That was great!
  17. You always drive when we go on long trips. Which is super nice, because then Mommy can sleep.
  18. You taught me about Jesus…
  19. …in my 3 year old Sunday School class,
  20. …in my Kindergarten Sunday School class,
  21. …in my Pre-teen Sunday School class,
  22. …at AWANA,
  23. …during our nighttime Bible stories when I was little,
  24. …and by how you live your life in general.
  25. I still have Eph. 4:29-31 memorized because you would quote it every morning when I was in 6th grade.
  26. Thanks for being a godly dad. Everybody doesn’t have a godly father, and I’m so thankful I do.
  27. A lot of hard things have happened in our family, but you are always positive and serve others even when you’re sad, and I really admire that.
  28. When I was seven, Mrs. Glinda told me that you were a hero, because you saved her husband’s life. I believe it.
  29. Things that will always make me think of you…
  30. …Gospel music.
  31. The Absent Minded Professor.
  32. Hogan’s Heroes.
  33. …Pancakes and/or waffles.
  34. …Trident gum.
  35. You wake up really early and stay up really late to make money for us. Thank you.
  36. I remember how excited I was to read my very first book to you on the day I learned how to read.
  37. You were the best study-buddy for science tests and spelling words back in middle school.
  38. You stay patient and loving towards me, even when I am not the easiest person to be around.
  39. I know I can count on you…
  40. …to listen when I have a crazy idea,
  41. …and support me when I declare that “I want to go to Costa Rica, help me convince Mom!” And then you do.
  42. …not to judge me based upon the state of my bedroom.
  43. And on that note, I can’t remember one time when you told me to clean my room, just cuz. Whenever you would tell me to tidy up, it was because you wanted the house to look nice for Mommy– and you would help me clean if I needed it. THANK YOU. It was so refreshing after constantly being reminded that I am messy by other family members.
  44. Like during this past Christmas break, when I completely redid my room and it was a d-i-s-a-s-t-e-r. I was afraid to let anyone else see it while it was a work-in-progress, because they would freak out at the mess. You, instead, I trusted to come in and help me with some of the projects.
  45. You help make Christmas special. You set up the Christmas trees, and get all the decor down from the attic, and put lights up around the house. You and Mom are the best Christmas-decorators I know.
  46. Thanks for always videotaping my choir concerts and plays.
  47. …and for taking pictures at, well, everything while I was growing up (and for still being our family photographer).
  48. You have a great family, by the way. I love Grandmother and Papa and all of my aunts and uncles and cousins very much.
  49. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DADDY!!!! I love you so much!!! {In case you didn’t know that ;) }
  50. You’re the best dad ever.

Happy birthday Dad!

Any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a DAD.
-Anne Geddes

3 thoughts on “50 for your 50th

  1. Dad

    Oh… and although I try to be perfect, I am not and one thing that I could NEVER do FOR YOU was to put your hair up in those cute little bows… My fat fingers just could not get them to work. Good thing there was ALWAYS MOM to come to the RESCUE!!!

    You will ALWAYS BE MY LITTLE GIRL, even when you are 50, I will only be … well, let’s not go there!

    Love, Dad


  2. Dad

    Love you MORE!!! :-) & THANK YOU!!! We may need to take another photo, that one makes me look old & goofy. Opps, what am I thinking, I am!!! :-)

    Love so much and the GREATEST THINGS that I DO IS SERVE my Family FIRST!!! That is the thing that makes me the HAPPIEST and I will do it til I DIE & if I stop, you can KILL ME!!! :-)

    Glad you are home this week. It is nice to have you here!

    Love, Dad


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