Hey y’all! I’m going to my first ever blogging conference in a little less than a month and I am SOOOO excited :) :) :) It’s the Declare Conference which is hosted in Dallas, Texas. And since it’s almost time for the conference, and so the Declare team thought it would be fun for us to do a link up to get to know each other.

And seeing as how it’s been a while since I’ve done an “About Me” post, I thought this could be fun :)

Declare Pre-Conference -Getting to Know You- Questions.

Since this is the 6th year of Declare, we are to answer the following 6 questions :)

1. If we were meeting in person, how would you introduce yourself? (job, family, career, ministry, where you live … share whatever details come to mind)

Hi! I’m Kara! ;)

I love Jesus, Disney, and ducks. :)

I’m a junior Spanish education major who hopes to someday be a middle school Spanish teacher. Right now I’m teaching Spanish a couple days a week at an elementary private school in my area. I love babysitting and I’m having so much fun nannying for a couple of families this summer.

My family consists of my mom and dad and 16 year old brother, Kyle. We have two cats named Monk and Fletcher who are the sweetest cats you’ll ever meet… or the meanest. It really just depends on the day.

about me pic

A recent picture of me from when I was in London this past May.

2. What is your favorite thing to write and why?

I love to write, so this is a hard one.

As of right now, as I type this, I’d have to say blog posts. I love writing things that encourage others to pursue Jesus.

I also like writing fiction. Scratch that- I like having an idea for a fiction story and pre-writing it. Coming up with the characters and the setting and what would happen. The actual sit-down-and-write-a-cohesive-fiction-story is harder for me to do.

When I was in middle school, writing fiction was what I did almost everyday when I finished my homework. Ah, those were the days…

3. What is your favorite thing to read and why? (If this question is too broad for you avid readers, what’s a favorite book or blog you’ve read lately?)

The Christy Miller books. Really, any book by Robin Jones Gunn.

I first read the books the summer after I turned 14, so six years ago. I loved seeing Christy’s journey through high school and seeing her faith in God grow through her life’s struggles.

The best thing though, is Robin Jones Gunn has continued to release books in multiple new series. There’s a series about Christy years at college. There’s a series about her life as a newly wed. And, there’s about to be a series about her and her husband once they have a baby (*Squeals with excitement*).

Every time a new book is released, I literally go to LifeWay that weekend and buy the book. I don’t have to read it first to know it will be amazing.

The characters in these books are like my friends. I can’t wait to know what their newest adventures will bring. :)

If you’d like a great Christian YA series to read, this is definetly a good one :)

{Must through this in here: I also love the Harry Potter books! :) I’m on my third read-though of the series and absolutely love them. I read them for the first time two summers ago and have read the series every summer since then. I love how the characters are developed and how the story unfolds slowly, like a suspense or mystery, but there’s also heartwarming, sweet, and happy moments as well.}

4. If you could choose to do anything for a day, what would it be?

Go on an adventure!
Something exciting and out of the ordinary.

Said adventure could be going to the zoo I’ve been to a gazillion times, or climbing a tree if the weather is nice outside, or trailblazing through the woods by mi casa, or grabbing a friend or two and having a spontaneous Walmart scavenger hunt, or feeding the ducks at the creek. Or painting. Painting is fun :)

5. What’s one thing you love about your blog and one thing you’d like to improve?

I love the community that is developing and I love getting to connect with my readers through my brand new email newsletter. :)

I’d like to improve on responding to comments and emails more quickly. Each comment or email literally makes my day, but sometimes life gets so busy that I don’t respond for a month. I’d like to get better at responding in a more timely fashion.

6. [Lightening Round] Would you rather …

  • Read on Kindle or paperback? Paperback.
  • Drink coffee or tea? Hot chocolate. :P
  • Go to a musical or a movie? Musical.
  • Vacation at the beach or the mountains? Beach.
  • Have an exciting night out or a relaxing night in? Hmm. Depends on who I’m with. Typically I’d go with the exciting night out.
  • Watch sports, play sports, or no sports? No sports. Lol! Unless it’s my brother playing basketball. I love to watch him play.

Now it’s you’re turn!

Tell me about you :) What are you’re answers to the lightening round?

8 thoughts on “Declare Pre-Conference Fun! :)

  1. Debbie

    Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog. Love the Mickey Mouse dance and love doing it with the grandsons.

    Hope to meet you at Declare. You sound like fun.


  2. Kimberley

    I also love Robin Jones Gunn. I really enjoyed her non-fiction book Victims of Grace. I also like the Glenbrooke series but the Christy/Sierra/Katie series will always have a special place in my heart.


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