Confession: I’ve been meaning to do a dorm tour all semester… but either I would forget, or be too busy, or my room would be messy…

And considering that school ends in a week, TODAY IS THE DAY FOR THE TOUR!!

Here we go:


So here’s my bed. This comforter apparently was a very popular find at Bed, Bath, & Beyond, as I have seen several other girls with this same bed set. But hey, it’s cute, so oh wells.


Here’s all of my lovely pillows. I love them so much!

On the left is a pillow I made from my Teal Tigger t-shirt from the 6th Grade Retreat, then the Winnie the Pooh pillow I’ve had for as long as I can remember (love it!), the Red Riding Hood pillow I also made from a t-shirt (Red Riding Hood was the first non-church play I was ever in), then Olaf (a Christmas present), my Fuge Mega Relay pillow (made from a bandanna), and my Camp Tejas pillow (made from a t-shirt). And, in the back is my body pillow (I think I got it at Target).


My wall.

I made the first painting at one of my friend’s birthday parties. The cute “Kara” thingy was a graduation/birthday present (the A fell off and I haven’t hot glued it back on yet). The last painting I bought at an art fair-type-thing; it says “If snowflakes were kisses I’d send you a blizzard” –Cute!



And my “Let It Go” melted crayon art. And Winnie the Pooh, Olaf, and Minnie. And my unbrella. And Spanish Bannana-Grams. And clothespins. And other various items I throw up here :)


Another view that includes our calendar.


My desk. (And Henry the Dinosaur. I love him so much!)


Close up on my bulletin board that has pics and quotes.


I love dandelions, and my roomie does too, so this works out :)


Our microfridge, which also doubles as hairbrush/makeup storage.

Fredrick, the microwave, kinda hates my roomie and I. Like, he full out LOATHS us. But we don’t need to go into that right now.


The view out our window.


Our mirror.


My closet.
(I use command hooks for necklace storage.)


Shower caddy, and a drawer filled with random makeup+other girl things. (In closet.)

Dresser ect

My dresser and plastic drawers which hold hair supplies. (In closet.)

I can’t believe this school year is almost over, and that I’ll be packing everything up to go home soon! This has been a great home-away-from-home, and it’s weird thinking about how I’ll never live here again…

Mom b-day 9

Flashback to move in day. My room looked so different back then!

Now off for more adventures!

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