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I’ve been wanting to participate in the #FiveMinuteFriday link up for a while, but my Fridays have been crazy (and I mean, cray to the zee!) so I haven’t gotten to yet.

So today, I’m delighted to take part in this fun challenge, to write for five minutes on this one word prompt: Embrace. This is a free write challenge, so there’s no editing or revision or rewording. Just my thoughts straight from my heart :)

If you’d like to learn more about this challenge, you can find out info here.


Where are you in life right now? What position are your arms?

Are you standing with your arms folded across your chest, refusing to accept where you are in life?

Are your arms stretched above your head, surrendering to the Lord?

Or are they wrapped around Him, fully embracing Him and the place He has you in?

Life can get hectic sometimes. We might not know who we are at times or what we’re doing. We may be super busy and barely have time to do anything beneficial at all #StoryOfMyLifeRightNow

Yet, even in the busy, even in the stress, we need to take time to rest and breathe and embrace God’s plan for our lives. To take a moment to sit and focus on Him and only Him. To embrace Him.

We also should embrace the season He has us in.

Embrace it.
Embrace it.
Embrace it.
Embrace it.
Embrace it.

This life we have is a gift from God. And it is uniquely ours. No one else has a life exactly like yours or exactly like mine.

So let’s accept where we are in life, and embrace it.


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2 thoughts on “Embrace Your Season

  1. Carol

    I’m glad you could participate today. Life has many seasons and you are right–we need to accept the season we are in and live fully. Blessings to you in your season! I’m visiting from FMF.

  2. Lesley

    Welcome to FMF- glad you’ve joined us! I enjoyed your post and I agree, it is important to embrace the season we’re in. It can be easy to get distracted by looking ahead. It’s important to take time to seek what he has for us now. Visiting from #10.

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