So often I find I don’t tell God “thank you” when he answers my prayers.

It’s not like I’m not thankful He answers prayers- I am!- I just forget to actually thank Him. Especially when I consider my prayer requests to be insignificant.

What’s up with that??

For example, I often quickly pray for safe travels when I’m driving.
And when I arrive safely at my destination, I forget that prayer ever happened. God answered my prayer, but I treat it like it’s no big deal.

But it is a big deal!

God answers prayers. Sometimes He answers what we consider “little” prayers in what we call “little” ways, but He still answers them nonetheless.

Why is it that when I pray for a “big” thing, like for God to heal someone with heart problem or for a friend to get a particular job, I wait in expectation- longing to see His answer and find out if He says “yes” or “no”- but when I pray for a “little” thing I forget to look for the response?

If I forget to say thank you for the little things, how can I be consistent in saying thank you for the big things?

At this year’s Revival, I learned that God says yes to the small things so we can trust him when he says no to the big things. 

Shouldn’t I be thankful for every answered prayer? Be it a yes or no? Big prayer or little?


I want to remember to say thank you for every answered prayer.

…Even if God doesn’t answer in the way I think best. <<Because who am I to think I know best? God is God, and He knows what we need.

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