Christmas is quickly approaching! I don’t know about you, but I only have two weeks left until Christmas break.

Those two weeks are full of projects, tests, presentations, stress… and final.

The end of a semester can get pretty crazy, and last minute Christmas shopping on top of finals only adds to the crazy.

While at college you’re always meeting new people and making new friends. Even if you haven’t known your new friends for very long and thus are unable to pick out a gift they’ve been dying to have, you can still show them you love them by giving them a simple Christmas present.

So here’s some inexpensive yet meaningful gift ideas for your college friends that you can quickly whip up and distribute.

{The gift ideas below have a Christmas twist to them, but you could always adapt them to make the gifts appropriate for their birthday or another holiday.}

In a crunch for time to get your buddies a present? No worries! Here are 7 last minute gift ideas for your college friends.


Gift Ideas for Your College Friends…

1. Fuzzy Socks

Fuzzy socks are always a nice gift. Pick out some socks in your friends’ favorite colors or maybe find some cute Christmas fuzzy socks.

2. Candy Cane + Heartfelt Note

Candy canes are a great seasonal treat. A fun gift would be to tape two candy canes into the shape of a heart and then attach a meaningful note.

3. Nail Polish and/or Lotion

Give all your girl friends some nail polish and then plan a nail-painting-party. :) The mini-lotion bottles at Bath and Body Works are an awesome gift idea too.

4. Candy in a Mug

Buy a few bags of candy at a store and then divide it up into cute coffee mugs for all your friends. Attach a beautiful ribbon around the handle of the mug and your all set!

5. Something Handmade

Crafty? Use your skills to make something for your friends! Homemade gifts are aways unique and special.

6. A Christmas Ornament

Christmas ornaments are a great gift. You can find some cute ones for not very much, or you could make ornaments for all your friends.

7. A Framed Picture of the Two of You

This gift idea is always really special. Just pick out a cute frame, print out a picture of you and your friend (or group of friends), and there you go. A very personal gift.

Inexpensive yet meaningful gift ideas for your college friends that you can quickly whip up and distribute.

You can always mix some of these gift ideas together for a more elaborate gift. For instance, a candy cane, fuzzy socks, and nail polish. Or a picture of the two of you and a Christmas ornament. Regardless, I hope this post gave you a starting point to brainstorm gift ideas for your college friends.

I hope you have a very merry Christmas, and happy shopping!!!

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