Prayer is powerful.

Do you believe it?

If you’re like me, you’ll answer with a shrug and say “Sure, of course I believe prayer is powerful,” but is this a belief that rocks us to our core and changes how we live our lives?

Do we fall on our knees to fight in prayer and lift our hands in praise?

After watching The War Room last week, I became convicted about my prayer life. Specifically, I became convicted about praying for my husband.

Here’s the thing, I’m not married… yet. I’m not dating… yet. However, I can build the habit of praying for my husband even as I’m single.

Praying for our future husbands now, before we even know who they are, is super important. I wrote about why we should be praying for our future husbands last week. Keeping on this theme, today I’m sharing four ways we can pray for our future husbands.

How to Pray for Your Future Husband:

Wondering how to pray for your future husband? No problem! Here are four simple and fun ways you can pray for your future husband.

1. Write your prayer in a journal

{This the method I usually prefer.}

Get a journal/notebook and fill it with prayers specifically for your future husband. Write out scripture to pray over him.
When you don’t have much time to pray, you can just look over an entry in the journal and repray a prayer.

Be sure to date the entries! This way you can look back over the prayers later and know exactly when you prayed those blessings over your future husband.

2. Hand prayer

I’ve learned several different “hand prayers” through out my life. You know, where each finger represents something and as you pray you look at your fingers to remind you to pray over certain aspects of life.

Why not do this method when we pray for our future husbands? Then as we’re on the go, we can look down at our hands and quickly say a prayer for our future husbands.

Here are some “finger prayers” I thought up, but fill free to tweek it as you desire :)

Thumb: Encouragement
A thumb up is taken as a sign of encouragement, so pray that God would bless your future husband and encourage him throughout the day.

Pointer finger: Pointing to God
Pray that God would shine through your future husband and he would point to God in everything he says and does.

Middle finger: Standing tall
The middle finger is the “tallest” finger, so pray that your future husband would stand tall- stand firm- in his convictions.

Ring finger: Purity
Pray that God would help your future husband strive for purity in every aspect of his life.

Pinkie: Humility
Pray that your future husband would learn to be humble and to serve others.

3. Mason Jar Of Prayers

Write out different things to pray for him on small slips of paper (one word cues work fine. Example: Leadership). Then fold the slips of paper and stick them in a mason jar (or cup). Set the jar in a place where you’ll see it every day, and once a day pick a prayer request for your husband and pray over that one thing right then.

Then you can do one of two things: 1) Put the slip of paper back in the jar to have a possible repeat prayer or 2) set the piece of paper next to the jar until you run out of slips and then refill the jar all at once.

When I make my mason jar of prayers, I’ll probably just stick the slip of paper back in the jar (so I don’t lose the paper). But you can do whatever you like :)

4. On Our Knees (it’s a fight)

Lastly, we should pray for our future husbands on our knees. The first three ways I shared are fun and quick and easy, but our prayers should not always be quick and easy. Sometimes we need to get uncomfortable before God. We should be passionately praying for our future husbands on our knees.

And there’s just something reverent about bowing our hearts before the Lord. It shows humility and gratitude.

There are countless ways to pray, and there are no wrong ways or right ways to pray. I hope these four ideas help you think of a way to pray for your future husband to which you can commit. We don’t have to do all four of these methods- we can do one or even none of the things on this list- after all, we can simply pray in our hearts and God will hear us.

However, no matter how you choose to pray, I hope you commit to pray for your future husband.

Next week I’ll share a list of specific things we can pray for our husbands, so be sure to check back for that.

Until then!


P.S. For more info about how to pray for your future husband, check out this free “Praying For Your Future Husband” eGuide. :)

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  1. Lenae Brooks

    This was very informational for me and my relationship. The ideas you give are fun but meaningful at the same time! Thank you for this, I will apply this to my prayer time for my future husband!

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