It started out like any other day.

Sure the weatherman had forecasted rain for most of the day, but he says that all the time. I only expected a few short showers here and there like we’ve been getting the last few weeks.

So yesterday, my family and I ventured out into the rain to meet up with three other families at the mall’s movie theater to watch Tomorrowland.
When the movie ended and we were leaving the theaters, we naturally checked our phones.

There was a tornado watch over our town.
We were supposed to seek shelter, and stay there.

…and we were all at the movie theater still.

So we went back into one of the theater’s hallways and sat down and waited.

Movie Theater

As we waited and waited, I knew what it must have felt like for those in Mockingjay‘s District Thirteen when they were waiting underground for the Capital to bomb them– nothing to do but sit there and wait. We tried to have petty conversations to keep our mind off of our situation, as I’m sure those in District Thirteen did, but our situation still remained the same: there was a tornado headed straight for us, and we were trapped at the mall’s movie theater.

FINALLY, the tornado watch let up, and we were able to leave.

I had to drive my car back in the pouring rain. Every so often, an announcement would interrupt K-Love: “This is a flash flood warning. Seek higher ground. Act quickly to preserve your life.”


We all made it home safe, which is a blessing, and I think the tornado missed our town all together (as far as I’ve heard…).

However, it continued to thunder and rain for a while.

But then, slowly, surely, the rain stopped.
And after an hour or so, the sun came out, lighting up the sky. It seemed like an entirely different day. I couldn’t believe that the same sky that had been green with tornado a few hours before was now yellow and pink with sunset.

Jesus and his disciples once faced a storm.

They were in a boat, trying to cross the Sea of Galilee when a terrible tempest hit. The wind and the waves seemed like they were going to gobble up their boat, and the disciples trembled with fear.

But Jesus wasn’t worried at all. In fact, he was taking a nap.

The disciples frantically woke him up, wondering if he even cared if they drowned.

Jesus “got up, rebuked the wind and said to the waves ‘Quiet! Be still!’ Then the wind died down and it was completely calm.
“He said to his disciples, ‘Why are you so afraid? Do you still have no faith?'” (Mark 4:39-40).

In the face of a storm, the disciples forgot that Jesus was in the boat. And if Jesus was in the boat, things would turn out alright. They woke up Jesus, doubting that he even cared about their situation, believing that if he didn’t do anything soon, they would drown.

I believe Jesus calmed the wind and waves because they were lacking in faith. He knew they weren’t going to drown at sea, but he also knew his companions needed proof that they would be okay. In actuality, the disciples should have known they would make to to the other side because Jesus was in the boat and it wasn’t his will that they should die.

I don’t know what storm you’re facing today.

I don’t know what trials and struggles and obstacles are making up your tornado. I don’t know what heartaches and hardships form your tempest. But I do know this: even when the rain pours down and the sky turns green and when all hope seems lost, it isn’t. 

You are not alone. Jesus is there in the boat with you. He will bring you through the storm.

4 thoughts on “If Jesus is in Your Boat

  1. Summer

    You have such an encouraging heart, Kara! I love reading your posts. So uplifting & genuine! Needed to read this.

  2. Tayler Morrell

    I love how you compare your experience to Jesus and the apostles’! Utah has had some crazy rain and wind ALL of May! I feel like I’m living in Seattle!

  3. Dad

    Great JOB!!! Looks like I must have GONE for the FREE POPCORN! Because Mom & Ms. Laurie didn’t have any… :-) Love ya, Dad

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