Being thankful for singleness is HARD y’all. I’m not going to pretend that it is easy.

And several of the girls who have shared in this series would agree with me.

By reading the responses of the girls who shared in this series, it has become easier for me to see why I can be grateful for singleness. I pray that soon it will be second nature.

Through this series, I have read accounts of girls for whom it seems easy for them to be thankful for being single. I’ve also read stories of girls for whom it is hard.

So if you’re still struggling with being thankful for being single or if it isn’t difficult for you, no worries. You are not alone. Regardless of if it’s easy or hard for you, we’re all learning how to be more and more thankful every day :)

Now on to the responses…


I’m thankful because this gives me the opportunity to fully devote my time and attention to work on my growth and my relationship with the Lord. I have no distractions keeping me from my spiritual goals. I’m taking this time to work on me to be better for whomever God has in store for me. Hopefully my future spouse is focused on doing the same :)



I am thankful for this time of singleness in my life because I get to spend one on one time with my daughter. I believe at this age that’s one thing she truly needs. I don’t have to hurry home to cook dinner after a long day. Although I do enjoy cooking, and do believe that soon enough I will have my husband to cook for. Until then, I will enjoy these days of just the two of us.



I’m thankful for being single because I’ve met so many young couples that have rushed into getting married and have ended up regretting their hasty decision. I believe it is very important to wait for that “one special someone” and be happy, and be able to live without regrets.

It’s also wise to wait for the right person because you are able to become more established in a career, perhaps, and know exactly what goals you have in life. Finding a person with like-minded goals, standards, and character is a must.



I’m recently single, and being thankful in this season is extremely hard. Satan is feeding me with lies, making me feel worthless, and targeting my heart.

But God has rescued me in this time of singleness. I have begun to see his promises and his love! He is showing me daily how faithful He is to healing me, even when I’m not faithful to loving him. He is growing my heart for Him, and transforming my thoughts.

I’ve grown to change the way I think about this situation. God took me out of a relationship because He has something greater in store for me. He has a plan far greater than mine ever would be. He has saved me from a lifetime of reaping the consequences of my decisions. He has given me a time where I can fully trust and rely on Him. He has given me a heart on fire for Him and His son.

And even though this time is hard, I’m thankful for this time of singleness because God has greater in store for me, and He’s teaching me patience along the way.



Quite recently I have been seeing singleness in a new light. For a long time I viewed singleness as a “bad” thing. I felt left out and forgotten. There were even times in which I was angry at God because I felt that I didn’t “deserve” to be single, as if it was a punishment.

Thankfully, in these times of sadness and frustration I kept seeking God and I kept studying the Bible, continued attending and serving in church and continued praising Him and thanking Him (even when I felt down or confused).

Lately my perspective has changed greatly because as I grow closer to Him I realize that this time of singleness serves many purposes.

Primarily, it’s a time to grow closer to God. It’s a time in which I have less distractions so I can focus on my walk with Him. This time of singleness has also given me the opportunity to serve in my church. I was provided with the opportunity to work with the youth and have been blessed by turning that loneliness into the chance to teach others and encourage them. Lastly, this period of singleness is a time of growth and preparation for God’s future plans for me.

In Psalm 78:70-72, we are reminded of David and how he went from shepherding sheep to being “shepherd” of Israel. These verses really spoke to me because Davide did not become king over night. He experienced may things before he became king, and similarly I have realized that God is using this time in my life to prepare me for what He has in store.

These verses also brought me to Matthew 25:23, I believe that if we are faithful in our current situation and continue trusting God and obeying Him, He will bless us. At least for me, I feel He already has. I don’t know what He has in store, but I’m thankful that He gives me the peace and courage to continue pursuing Him.



I’m thankful that being single forces me to walk in faith that I’m not alone. Being single is HARD. Though I’m not alone, I’m lonely. It’s one area that the enemy is constantly attacking. I’m thankful that I’m aware of that. It’s a struggle between the flesh and my faith ALL THE TIME.

It’s relentless and each time I think maybe, maybe, I found someone, he  immediately starts the condemnation, “There are no godly single men left,” “You’ve always struggled with this, just give in,” Enjoy yourself.” At least now I can see it for what it really is. I’m thankful for that. I can’t say I feel joy afterward. That’s not a joyful, positive response, but it is truthful.



Thank you Tiana, Kimberly, Anonymous {you know who you are ;) }, Bailey, Diana, and Lynn for sharing why you are thankful for your singleness :)

Check back Friday for part 6!

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