Once again, I’m in awe of how it doesn’t matter what circumstance we are in, we can still be thankful for our singleness.

We don’t need some idealistic, perfect scenario to come true in order for us to give thanks to God for singleness.

Our circumstances may change and our histories may be starkly different, but our God is the same.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never been in a relationship before.
It doesn’t matter if you’ve recently come out of a relationship.
It doesn’t matter if you’re divorced.
It doesn’t matter if your a single mom.

We all can find something that we can be thankful for about this time of singleness. Some good that we have in this time that we might not have otherwise. Some reason to be thankful for singleness.

Now let’s hear why these ladies are thankful for their singleness…


I am thankful for my season of singleness. Why? I am finally realizing who I am. Meaning for the first time in my life I see myself how my Father God sees me.



I went for a weekend away with my Christian Union hoping to hear something from God. The verse He spoke to me during worship brought tears to my eyes, James 1:2-8: (I’ll quote it from my Bible because I love this translation) “…knowing that the proving of your faith produces endurance. And the endurance must attain it’s purpose, so that you would be mature and complete and not falling short in anyway…”

This verse came as an answer for my constant questions… When God? How God? And with whom God? God is AWESOME! The amount of times I tell myself (and others) “There’s a time for everything…” “God makes everything beautiful in His time” is countless. It’s so easy to say things when compared to actually doing it.

During a discussion with my friend of mine, we concluded, “It’s not just a waiting process, but a growing process… where we learn to grow in God, fall in love with Him..” 

One thing God has really showed me during this single of my life is about growing in Him, becoming the best helper suitable for whomever God has for my life (Genesis 2:18).

To answer your question “Are you thankful for your singleness,” the answer might not have been the same a few months back when I was, impatiently, constantly asking questions from God but I’m so thankful for this season of singleness.

What I learned from His Word is that this season is wholly about putting my faith in God… trusting Him to take control of my life… my future… know truly that He is in control, despite the doubts, the questions that may arise in what it feels like a storm. And this faith produces endurance, which is there to attain a purpose, so that I would be mature and complete; not falling short in any way.



My twin sister and I are presently single after being divorced for a long time. We share a house together. We are enjoying our singleness as we can pray continually, seeking God’s wisdom and will for our lives. God is preparing us for a season when we may no longer be single. One benefit is we only have to answer to God.



I’m thankful for this season of singleness because it gives me time for myself. This is the time to give God top priority and fall more deeply in love with Him. Time to let Him heal my broken heart and prepare me for the journey that lies ahead. Time to find myself. I know that last sentence is so cliché, but after being married to a narcissistic alcoholic for five years i wasn’t sure who I was anymore. Time to get physically healthy too- a healthy temple inside and out.



I am a single mother of two wonderful boys age 9 and 10. They keep me busy, and at the same time they are the number one reason I am thankful for being single.

This year I am thankful for:
Being able to develop an adults’ single ministry in my church. (What a blessing that is!)
Being able to study the Bible more and share it with the singles in my church.
Being given the opportunity to teach a bible study class at my church on Wednesday.
Being able to work also with the women’s ministry on teaching them about the importance of praying.

I am thankful because the Lord has called me to work for Him and I was able to say, “Yes Lord, here I am.” I know for a fact that He is keeping me single for now because He wants me to grow, to work for Him and to focus more on my spiritual life. I have been able to “stay still” and wait on Him.

Those are a few things I am thankful for.



I’ve learned so much through this series, and I hope you’ve been blessed by it as well. I’m sad that it’s now drawing to a close, and am excited to put into practice the lessons I’ve gleaned from all of these wonderful ladies. :)

Thank you Emily, Nadeesha, Roselyn, Debra, and Madeline for sharing why you are thankful for your singleness :)