The Six Most Impactful Moments of my Teen Years.

Today I’m sharing with y’all six impactful moments of my teen years. (Well, six positive moments. I don’t really care to think about the negative moments today.)
I’m really excited! Each of these moments are very dear to my heart, and they have shaped me to the young woman I am today.

(Note: These moments are listed in order of my age when I experienced them, not in order of importance.)

Here we go…

1. Bible study (Old Testament Bible Time) with these lovely ladies {Ages 14-16}

Our goal was to read through the Old Testament in a year. That didn’t happen, but this was the first time I ever had an in-depth quiet time, and the spiritual bonds that we created by discussing what we were learning about Jesus still last to this day. Even though each of us are now in different cities, I know that I can text these girls if I’m ever in need and they will be more than willing to help, and vice versa.

OTBT Collage

2. Centrifuge Youth Camp at Glorieta, New Mexico {Age 15}

Every year at youth camp I was changed and learned something new, but I would have to say that the camp I attended the summer after my freshman year of high school is set apart from the rest.

At this camp, I had the opportunity to share the Gospel with some people in Santa Fe, and in the process I fell in love with the Spanish language (which is now my major). God also called me into the ministry (but I’m not sure what kind of ministry yet).

In addition, I also gained a new perspective of Christianity as a whole. Often, people (myself included) think that following God’s will and living out one’s faith is just following a list of rules and not stepping over the line that divides worldliness from godliness. However, instead of a line that you can inch closer and closer to, it’s more like a ring. You just stay in the center of God’s will. You’re either in the hula-hoop, or you’re not. There’s no middle.

fresh camp Collage

3. Being a 6th Grade Retreat Counselor {Age 16}

My school has an awesome retreat program, and I blessed to be a counselor for the 6th Grade Retreat my junior and senior years.

During this week, I learned what it means to be a friend to girls who are younger than me, and I learned many ways of how to defend our faith.
I also gained many friendships with the girls in my cabin and the entire 6th grade class.

Retreat 1 Collage

Photo Credit: S. Sewell

4. Being in the Brigadoon summer musical {Age 17}

I have participated in many summer musical camps over the years, but I would have to say that Brigadoon probably impacted me the most.

It wasn’t because of the musical itself, but because of the amazing relationships I made with the entire cast. I have never been a part of a theater production where the entire cast encourages each other and loves each other. It was truly a blessing.

Photo Credit (for the 2 pictures on the left): to the musical's directors

Photo Credit (for the 2 pictures on the left): to the musical’s directors

5. The 7th Grade Girls’ Bible Study (Age 17)

After the 6th Grade Retreat, the girl counselors (who were seniors) led a Bible study for all of our now 7th grade girls. I learned so much from the girls, probably more than they learned from me. I greatly enjoyed getting to know each and every one of them through our meetings and by hanging out with them. These girls were the best thing that happened to me my senior year.

PicMonkey Collage

6. The 6th Grade Retreat (Age 17)

I was able to be a counselor again!! And like the first time, the week stretched me and grew me. I learned the necessity of patience. I learned that not all 6th grade girls are the same. I learned the importance of loving on people and accepting people where they are at.

I love each and every one of the girls who were in my cabin. They are amazing.

retreat 2 Collage

Photo Credit: S. Sewell

Memories are simply moments that refuse to be ordinary.
-Diane Keaton

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  1. Brandy

    Hi Kara! Just stopping by from the Peony Project! So many of these bring back memories for me. Some of my most influential moments in live have been being at summer camp and serving as a leader there. :) P.S…. Power to the red-heads <3


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