Hi there! My name is Rea, I am 25 years old, and I’m the youngest of five kids! I live in Tennessee with my mom, dad, and my grandmother. I love writing, Photoshop design, web design, blogging, but mostly I love music. At the moment, I help my aunt and my mother deliver newspapers, but I dream to be a musician someday; a country musician at that. I sing, write songs, and I’m learning to play the guitar.


What’s your singleness story?

I’ve been single for a better part of eight years. The last relationship I had was pretty serious, and I won’t get into any details, but I lost my boyfriend to diabetes and I haven’t been able to date anyone since.

I never even thought about being single until I met my crush, and then slowly I started to open up my heart.

I know that God wants me to be patient, and that’s what I’m trying to do now. It’s a little easier said than done, especially when I love to control my circumstances and situations around me, and as any follower of Christ will tell you, that’s just not how it works!

I want the things that most of my friends have; someone who is there for them, to hold their hand, to spend time with, to tell your most intimate secrets, hopes, and dreams to, but I know I have to be patient for that, but somedays that’s easier than others.

What’s the best thing about being single?

15965744_1258256980909138_2283249936846410617_nThe best thing is being able to focus on yourself and your own life. Being able to focus on your relationship with God. We get so wrapped up in our relationships with others, sometimes we neglect the most important one. The relationship with God.

I think God uses the times when you are single, to teach you about love and patience, understanding and forgiving. That is, if we let Him. We have to know what love means and what being in a relationship means before we can commit to someone, and I think that’s what God tries to teach us during this time.

What’s your biggest struggle when it comes to being single?

The biggest struggle, I guess, is when you see your family and friends with their significant others. You seem them go to their significant others when they have a problem when they have struggles in their lives and they have that person in their life they can lean on.

Obviously, we have God to lean on when we are struggling with life, and we should never forget that, but it’s nice have someone to hold your hand through life like that.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give your fellow singles?

Do not waste this time of singleness in your life.

God wants to use this time to get to know and to be closer to you. Use this time to grow closer in His love, and to learn more about yourself. Take care of yourself, learn to forgive yourself of anything you may be holding onto, learn to love yourself as well!

Don’t forget to spend time with your loved ones and celebrate them. Don’t spend so much time focusing on finding a girlfriend or a boyfriend that you forget your family and friends.

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