Today I composed a letter to myself… my thirteen-year-old self that is :)

When I was writing this post,  I wrote about specific things I needed to hear when I was thirteen– as if thirteen-year-old Kara could actually receive this letter and read it.
I thought it would be interesting to look back and see what I cared about when I was thirteen. Also, I didn’t provide too many details about thirteen-year-old Kara’s future, because she doesn’t need to know it (if she could actually get the letter).

Enough explanation, time to get on to the post!
I hope y’all enjoy!

What I would say if I could write to my 13-year-old self.

Dear thirteen-year-old Kara,

Hi Kara! This is you from the future. Surprise!
I’m writing you a letter so I can reflect on the lessons I’ve learned over the past five years, and also share them with others out there via my blog (we blog now!).

Anywho, here’s some advice for you, as you enter your teenage years…


1. Don’t stress out about boys.
They aren’t worth it. Be kind to them, and eventually you’ll have some fantastic guy friends. (Crazy thought, I know. You can be friends with boys!) Just don’t worry about whether or not they like you.
Also, build friendships with girls- create memories and cherish the time you have with them.

2. You are beautiful!
Hold on to the truth of God’s word saying that you are wonderfully made, and don’t believe the lies of the world that say otherwise.
I know that your height is a big deal for you right now, but I promise you’ll stop growing and others will catch up. Soon even Kyle (your brother) will pass you! So no worries.

3. Trust God.
He is real, even when you doubt it. Cling to him, even when everything seems to fall away. Grow your relationship with him now, so when life gets rough you have a firm foundation built on him.

4. On that note, you’re gonna have a rough five years ahead; I’m sorry to say it.
A lot is going to happen to rock your world. Remember that God has a plan and nothing surprises him. And nothing is ever worth you throwing your life away.God loves you, and don’t you ever forget it.

5. Love your youth group.
I know you sometimes feel shy and uncomfortable around the people there right now, but soon they will become some of your closest friends.
So, get involved! Love on people. Get to know each and every person who enters the youth room. Learn from them.
And, unfortunately, the time you have in youth will be gone before you know it.

6. Love your family. All of them- immediate and extended.
You don’t know how much time you’re guaranteed with any of them, so love them all. Make memories. Laugh. Smile. Remember the good times.

7. Enjoy your time in middle school and high school. The time really does fly.
I promise high school isn’t as scary as you secretly fear- you’re going to have lots of fun, I assure you.
And speaking of school, grades are important, but never forget that people are more important than grades. Also, keep in mind that one low grade won’t kill you.

And, just for fun, here are some sneak peeks into your future. (I’m not going to give you details, because that would spoil the surprise, but here are some hints…)

Sneak Peeks:

1. You get your first job the summer you’re seventeen. You’ll stay there for the summer, and then when your senior year begins, you’ll start a new job. Currently, as I write this, I am still at that job.

2. Kyle becomes (slightly) less annoying. (A little bit.)

3. Your best friend who moved to Arkansas will eventually move back to Texas. (Yay!)

4. You’re not going to end up at the college you always thought you would. In fact, you won’t decide to go to the college I’m at right now until Christmas time of your senior year– which was totally not stressful at all ;)

5. You do eventually get a cell phone and a Facebook, I promise.

That’s about it for now!

One last thing- don’t worry about the future. This letter probably struck some curiosity in your mind, and if so, I’m sorry about that.
Just believe me when I say that everything will turn out according to God’s plan.

And don’t rush for the future to arrive. It will come in perfect timing. Enjoy being young while you can. Having adult responsibilities- a job, buying food and gas, budgeting- isn’t always fun.

So enjoy life as it passes by!
Make memories!
Take pictures!

Many blessings!

The eighteen-year-old Kara :)


2 thoughts on “A Letter to the 13 Year Old Me.

  1. Mom

    Cute idea! I love it! “Eventually you do get a cell phone and a facebook.” Ha! Aren’t you glad you had to wait? Love you, Kiddo!


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