My roommate wants to be a wedding planner someday, so there are lots of bridal magazines and Pinterest-scrolling happening at our apartment.

The other day we spent the evening scrolling through our wedding boards on Pinterest, discussing things like veils and first looks and bridesmaids dresses and wedding photography.

It was a very girly evening, full of happy, daydreamy ideas.

Browsing through the “wedding aisle” on Pinterest can be such a fun way to relax and pass time, but I’ve learned that I can’t do it very often.

When I do, I start to become wistful, longing for that special day of mine that is long off in the future. I begin to believe the lie that my life can’t truly start until I am married.

Someday, I hope to be a stay-at-home wife and mom who homeschools her kids.

That has been my dream for as long as I can remember.

Therefore, it is tempting to think that my dreams in life can’t start until I am married. I know other girls who feel the same way.

When we feel called to be a wife and mom, it can be hard to wait to be married. It’s easy to believe that God’s purpose for us can’t start until we say “I do.”

And for most of us, we don’t get to say the words “I do” as soon as we’d like.

We become confused as the years pass and we’re still single.

God, I thought you wanted me to be a wife and mother, we pray.

We feel lost and unsure of what to do. Our season of singleness becomes something to endure instead of the blessing that it is. We question our purpose in life.

Well, my friend, it is my pleasure to break the following news to you:

We were not created to be a wife or mother.


That’s not our purpose.

God created us so that we can glorify Him and make Him known. Our purpose is to point others to Him, and we can do that regardless of if we are married or single.

This is one of the ways we can be contently single that I discuss in the post “2 Keys to Being Contently Single.” We were not created for man. We were created for God.

Let me say that again…

We were not created for man. We were created for God.

 Here's some happy news: Life doesn't begin when we say "I do" to our future husbands. Nope! The truth is, life begins when we say "I will" to God.

My friend, life doesn’t begin when we say “I do” to our husbands, but rather when we say “I will” to God.

The second we surrendered our hearts to Jesus, saying “I will follow You,” was the second our lives began.

This is great news!! :) We don’t have to wait around for a boyfriend. We don’t have to wait for that boyfriend to propose. Additionally, we don’t have to then wait for our future wedding to arrive.

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The time to live is now. The time to take action is now.

As we said above, our purpose in life is to glorify God and make Him known. We know we can do this as singles or as wives.

So why wait until we’re married to start leading people to God! We can do this now, as singles. Our whole lives can be a mission trip!

When we said “I will” to God, we said yes to the greatest adventure.

We made a leap of faith, trusting that He knows best for our lives. We promised to follow Him, no matter where He leads us. And we surrendered our lives to Him, giving up our “control” of our lives

It’s going to be the adventure of a lifetime.

You don’t have to wait to “start living”– I hate to break it to you, but you already are living. The question is then, what are you going to do with this life of yours?

So join me in exiting the “wedding aisle” of Pinterest.

I’m sure we can find better things to do. ;)

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