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My dear single girl friends,

I see you being a bridesmaid, again. Watching as your friends get married, one after another. Spending time in an awkward threesome just because you want a little bit of “the old times” with your married friends. Wondering if it will ever be you.

Or maybe you’re the hopeful 16 year old little sister, watching your older sister wait and wait as her friends get married and she is left behind, single and alone.

And you silently promise yourself, silently pray that it will never be you.

Waiting on your Prince Charming.

And that’s the catch. Because you know, I don’t believe in Prince Charming. Or let me reword that. do believe in Prince Charming, but I don’t believe he is for you.
Prince Charming is handsome. He is very popular. And he is…well, charming, obviously.

And he’s being handed a Kingdom that he doesn’t even have to work for.

And, dear friend, he is not good enough for you.

Now, don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with being handsome, popular, hot, or charming. Those are all great traits. But with Prince Charming it stops there.

Now, let me introduce you to someone else: the Knight in Shining Armor. He may or may not be handsome, charming or popular but he is several other things.

He is gallant and chivalrous.

He is polite and kind.

And he knows how to fight, to do battle for what is right and for those he loves.

An open letter to my single girl friends

I see so many of my dear friends longing for the guy with the perfect hair and the name brand clothes. He is cool because he listens to all the right music and possibly even had his picture taken with a band member. He is fun to be with, if you’re with the “in” crowd. He knows all the right phrases to say to the ladies, things to make them feel good.

But girls, does he love Jesus? Does he know how to handle disappointment like a man? Does he look out for the unpopular and the uncool? Is he a friend to them? Does he stand up for truth, even if it’s not popular?

Too many girls want to marry Prince Charming, thinking they can inspire him to love God more or change this or that about him that isn’t quite right. But let me tell you something:

You will not change him. He will change you.

Because that is the nature of marriage. As the wife, you will look up to your husband and your belief system will slowly and automatically blend into his.

If he carries bitterness in his heart towards anyone it will very possibly transfer over to you. Bitterness is a lethal enemy that is always happy to take down two people instead of one.

Think about it – do you want Prince Charming to help you raise your kids in these troubled and dangerous end times?

And what about when you are completely undignified as you are going through the pain and trauma of labor? A name-brand t-shirt isn’t going to get you very far, but a compassionate man that is used to helping people through anything will be priceless.

When your husband walks in at supper time and the house looks like a tornado went through it, do you want Prince Charming who is used to being served hand and foot, or a gallant Knight who will tell you to put your feet up as he plays with the kids or washes the dishes?

When I say you need a Knight in Shining Armor I’m not saying you’re to be a Damsel in Distress.

You are called to be a gentle Warrior Maiden, always ready to be a help-meet to your man.

Instead of waiting around or flirting with Prince Charming, prepare yourself to be a worthy help-meet to the Knight in Shining Armor God has picked out for you. And above all, work to be a servant of the King who loves you, no matter if He has called you to be married or single.

Eternity is not very far away. And I can promise you one thing: when you stand before the judgment throne, being married to someone that wears the right kind of jeans and drives a cool car is going to mean nothing to you. Nothing.

So girls, when you’re looking for the man you’re going to marry, look past the clothes and the talk and watch how he lives. Find a man that is kind, compassionate, generous and above all has a pure heart after God. And in the meantime, work to make yourselves a worthy help-meet.

Work to create a life that will glorify God, whether you get married or live single for the rest of your life. {God uses both equally – you don’t have to be married to live out your fullest potential!}

This has gotten a lot longer than I intended, but it is so important. It is your future. Choose well. Please, choose well!

StefaniStefani is a wife, mommy & adoption advocate. She loves to write and encourage women to follow God with their whole hearts. She is a firm believer in morning coffee, friendship and finding joy in the journey. When she is not spending time with family and friends you can find her writing over at Walls of Home or at the Battlefield Moms group. You can also follow her on Facebook here.

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