So there's this guy...

My dear friend, it is time yet again for you and I to take an imaginary trip to the coffee shop to discuss life. Oh man, have I got something exciting to tell you! Brimming with excitement, I order a small caramel frappuccino and you order your drink of choice. Then we wander to a cosy corner of the coffee shop and settle into our chairs. I take a sip of my drink, eyes dancing excitedly. You lean forward in more » (33)

My roommate wants to be a wedding planner someday, so there are lots of bridal magazines and Pinterest-scrolling happening at our apartment. The other day we spent the evening scrolling through our wedding boards on Pinterest, discussing things like veils and first looks and bridesmaids dresses and wedding photography. It was a very girly evening, full of happy, daydreamy ideas. Browsing through the “wedding aisle” on Pinterest can be such a fun way to relax and pass time, but I’ve more »


I am a NICU nurse and I work night shift and when I am in the middle of my stretch I find I can only manage to go to work and sleep. Well, I have been single for the last twenty six years. I also happen to be twenty six years old. Although, my best friend says I cant claim the first sixteen years since I wouldn’t have been old enough to date then any ways. So if I go more »


  Here on Joy Because Grace, we’ve discussed praying for our future husbands quite a bit. We’ve discussed why it’s important, ways we can pray for them, and what we can pray for them. I’ve even created a “Praying for Your Future Husband eGuide” you can grab for free. However, we haven’t really discussed the personal benefits of praying for a man we’ve never met. Now, I’m not saying here that the only reason we should be praying for our more »


Hi everyone! My name is Frannie Ruth. I am Catholic and almost 19 years old, I live in Wisconsin on a small farm with my parents and six younger siblings. I am a prospective Animal Science Major as well. I currently work odd kitchen jobs in a restaurant, run our own farm, and babysit. I love reading, learning, babysitting, writing, drawing, praying, farming, and showing livestock! What is your singleness story? I’ve been single my whole life, I’ve never been more »