Bittersweet. That’s how I’m feeling right now. My freshman year of college is over. I can’t believe how fast it went by… Seems like just yesterday was move-in day. But it wasn’t yesterday. It was nine months ago. So much has happened during this school year. I’ve learned some, grown some, and made some friends. And I’m going to miss them terribly. When my first semester ended, I was really excited. It was Christmas time, and on top of that, more »

My Suities

God has blessed me so much by giving me such a great suite-family. I love these girls so much! Over the last semester we’ve gotten super close, and they’re my best friends. We’ve had so many adventures… And we have a fantastic group text going on: I’m so thankful for these girls, and so glad I was able to live with them this past year. I’m gonna miss them greatly over the summer! Totally bummed that this is our last more »

Dorm Tour!

Confession: I’ve been meaning to do a dorm tour all semester… but either I would forget, or be too busy, or my room would be messy… And considering that school ends in a week, TODAY IS THE DAY FOR THE TOUR!! Here we go: So here’s my bed. This comforter apparently was a very popular find at Bed, Bath, & Beyond, as I have seen several other girls with this same bed set. But hey, it’s cute, so oh wells. more »

Therefore let us be grateful for

Whatever will come my way, through fire or pouring rain, We won’t be shaken. No, we won’t be shaken. Whatever tomorrow brings, together we’ll rise and sing, That we won’t be shaken. No, we won’t be shaken. -Building 429 Guys, we belong to a kingdom that won’t be shaken. We are citizens of the kingdom of God; nothing can shake our King, and nothing can shake us. Why then do we worry? We belong to a kingdom that will not pass away. more »


This is a guest post from Kayla of Many Sparrows Every morning, I stumble out of bed, grab my Coke-bottle glasses, and shuffle my way across the hardwood floors into the kitchen. Our four-year-old waits patiently for his oatmeal, and his hand always seems to find mine as I make breakfast in the early morning hours. I pour myself coffee as our two-year-old, his bedhead just as wild as his little heart, comes hustin’ out of his room. Motherhood, you more »