Instagram Recap Feb 2015

So, I recently saw a fantastic idea to publish Instagram roundup posts (via Betsy Gettis’ blog). I decided I would start doing a monthly Instagram recap, just for fun and to share some snapshot moments from my life that month. So, I think these posts are basically just going to be pictures, with the captions from Instagram. Here we go…         That’s the end of February’s recap :) Until next time!

The 6 Most Impactful Moments of my teen years

The Six Most Impactful Moments of my Teen Years. Today I’m sharing with y’all six impactful moments of my teen years. (Well, six positive moments. I don’t really care to think about the negative moments today.) I’m really excited! Each of these moments are very dear to my heart, and they have shaped me to the young woman I am today. (Note: These moments are listed in order of my age when I experienced them, not in order of importance.) more »

stress relief 101

The necessity for stress relief is enormous. Just take it from me; this past Tuesday I was literally curled up on my bed about to cry from stress. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t think clearly. All I knew is that I had so many things to get done, and so little time to do them in. I was stress paralyzed. I have discovered that being stress paralyzed isn’t constructive when it comes to finding time to blog (Thus I didn’t more »


My 2015 Valentine’s Day Adventures! I had a fantastic Valentine’s Day!! This is my favorite one I’ve had thus far. My friends and I got all dressed up and splurged on Valentine-y donuts. Then we went exploring! Later, I met up with another one of my friends, and we enjoyed frozen yogurt and then wandered along the creek. Then, I enjoyed dinner and a movie with mi familia :) Anywho, here’s the photo recap:       Today was a more »

letter to the 13 year old me

Today I composed a letter to myself… my thirteen-year-old self that is :) When I was writing this post,  I wrote about specific things I needed to hear when I was thirteen– as if thirteen-year-old Kara could actually receive this letter and read it. I thought it would be interesting to look back and see what I cared about when I was thirteen. Also, I didn’t provide too many details about thirteen-year-old Kara’s future, because she doesn’t need to know more »