There are perhaps no days of our childhood lived  so fully as those  we spent with a favorite book. ~Marcel Proust There is nothing as magical as a child curling up in her mother’s lap to hear a Christmas book. Begging to hear just one more story before it is time to go to sleep. Traveling to far off lands found within the beloved pages.Books at Christmas time are even more magical. They spark one’s imagination and spur on the more »


Story Time… Last Christmas Eve, my family and I attended our church’s Christmas Eve candle light service as we do each year. Afterwards, unbeknownst to me, my friend had a scheme to give me the most unforgettable Christmas present I had yet to receive.Somehow, my friend had managed to plan a big plot to deliver a large, ominous, black box to my family and have them place it in the back of our van– without me knowing it. I knew more »


One of my favorite things to do at Christmas time is to look at Christmas ornaments on people’s trees. It’s so cool to see the different ornaments they have collected over the years.So, today I’m going to give y’all a peek at my family’s Christmas tree and some of my favorite Christmas ornaments. Here we go… My Favorite Christmas Ornaments: I like this one because we can plug it into the strings of lights and then the fireplace will light more »


I always have loved Christmas decorations. I wish we could leave them up all year!For the 2nd day of Christmas, I wanted to give y’all a peak into my home so y’all can see the beautiful decorations my family has accumulated over the years. The Lovely Christmas Decorations… We have two Christmas trees. One with colored lights, one with white lights. I like the one with white lights best. White lights seem more traditional and more Christmas-y to me. Which more »

As promised, I’m doing a 12 Days of Christmas series, and today is the 1st Day of Christmas. I hope y’all enjoy hearing my favorite Christmas songs. I want to know yours too, so be sure to comment the title of your favorite Christmas song (or songs)!So, without further ado…. My Top 5 Favorite Christmas Songs #5- Let it Snow/ Sleigh Ride I love Let it Snow, and I love Sleigh Ride, so I ESPECIALLY love Point of Grace’s mash-up more »