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This is a week of giving thanks, a week of gratitude, a week of gratefulness. Typically, on thanksgiving day, I make a list of everything that pops into my head that I’m thankful for. Most likely this year won’t be any different.I had a thought, however. What if I tweeted with the hashtag “so thankful” every time I thought of something to be thankful for.  After all, thankfulness is a way of life, not just one day on the calender. more »


I love my church. It’s a small congregation compared to the church I grew up in, and I think it’s the perfect size. The people are so friendly and welcoming. For instance, this past Sunday after Sunday School, some sweet little old lady  tip-toed into our classroom. She told us, in an adorable accent, that if any of us didn’t have a place to stay over Thanksgiving, she and her husband were more than happy to welcome us into their more »

It occurred to me that I haven’t blogged in over a week. (Oops.) And it’s not because I’ve been busy, but rather because I couldn’t think of any good ideas *she admits guiltily.* But, have no fear, I had a splendid idea tonight :) You see, my church service today was about gratitude and thanksgiving and how our thankfulness should spring from God forgiving us. Then, tonight I went to a girls-only Bible study and we talked about thanksgiving there more »

The following are some of my favorite quotes (twelve of them, in fact, because today is November twelfth). Enjoy and be inspired :) God is most glorified in me when I am most satisfied in him. -John Piper You don’t loose friends, because real friends can never be lost. You lose people masquerading as friends, and you’re better for it. -Mandy Hale Is it weird to anybody else that we equate worshiping God with music? As if worship is something more »


During my Sophomore year of High School, my English class and I read Ivanhoe. The unit was a blast. My English teacher had the brilliant idea of assigning each student a character in the book. Then, we created blogs and we had daily writing assignments to post on the blogs, and we were required to write in character. It was so much fun! I was Prince John, and I greatly enjoyed being the villain. (This was also a monumental unit more »