Valentine’s Day sometimes gets a bad rap, but it’s one of my favorite holidays. Last year, one of my friends told me she had made a heart chain with the names of people she loved on it. I think that’s a fantastic idea, and so today I’m making my own heart chain.

I think this heart chain could be a creative way to pray, so it’s going to go into my prayer box. Then I can pray through the chain of people when I see it.

I think you should make a heart chain too! It was very easy, didn’t take much time, and it’s a great way to pray.
I also think it’s simple enough to do with kids.

Let’s dive in!

I love finding fun and creative ways to pray! Making a paper heart chain is a great way to remember people for whom you want to pray.

1. Gather Supplies.

  • Construction paper (I used red, pink, and purple to be Valentine’s-y, but you can use whatever colors you want).
  • Scissors
  • A black felt-tip pen (or markers)
  • A stapler
  • Music (I listened to my Disney Love Song Playlist)

Heart Chain 1

2. Cut the paper into strips.

Cut long-ways, to get longer strips. I found the strips turn into hearts better when they’re longer.

Heart Chain 2

heart chain 3

3. Write names on the strips.

Think through people who you love/ people you want to pray for. Write their names on the strips. I wrote the names on both ends of the strips. Avoid writing the names in the center of the strip; it won’t show up later if you do.

Heart Chain 4

4. Make a heart.

To make a heart, you’re going to take a strip of paper and fold it in half with the names on the inside of the fold.

Staple the strip right next to the fold.

Then turn the ends of the strip around the staple and it should look like a heart. Staple the ends.

heart chain 6

5. Make the heart chain.

Keep making hearts, as explained above. When you staple the ends together on all the rest of your hearts, make sure to loop it through the previous heart before you staple. This will make your chain.

heart chain 5

Keep going until you’re out of strips.

When you’re done, it should look something like this:

heart chain 7

There you go! Now you know how to make a heart chain :)

I’m looking forward to being able use the chain as a prayer tool this Valentine’s Day season. I hope you find your chain useful too. AND, it can be a cute decoration. Yay!! :)

What’s your favorite way to remember to pray?

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