When I was around five, my best friend’s family moved hours away from me. I was devastated, and didn’t understand why she had to move.

Thankfully, our mothers were determined that we would stay in contact. With their help, we began writing letters to each other. Soon, we were able to write the letters ourselves.

Now I have shoe boxes filled with these letters from my childhood best friend. I look back at them and smile at the precious memories. I’m able to see how she and I have changed over the years, how what we liked and wanted in life has changed (or even stayed the same).

Letters are a great way of staying in contact with people, and they’re a great way to communicate with God, as well.

I’ve never really kept up with a prayer journal.

It’s something I’ve tried to do over the years, and I’ve struggled to find what works for me.

Since I’ve decided to start hard-core studying how to pray and share my discoveries with you, today I’m sharing links to blog posts I’ve found that deal with prayer journaling. 

The ladies who wrote these posts offer a plethora of different ways to prayer journal. I’m excited to see if any of these ideas will work for me. Maybe one will stand out to you as well :)

Something I’ve learned from these posts is there is no one way to prayer journal.

Bullet journaling.

Making a prayer notebook.

Using an actual journal.

Using an app.

There are so many ways we can prayer journal, and no one way is better than another. We can get creative and find what works best for us. Yay!

Prayer journaling is a great way to communicate with God. Here are 12 blog posts to help you know how to start your prayer journal.

How to Make a Prayer Journal:

How to Make a Prayer Notebook | Intentional by Grace

5 Ways to Keep a Prayer Journal | Rachel Wojo

3 Essential Components of a Prayer Journal | Kathryn Shirey

How to Create a Simple Prayer Journal | Rescued. Redeemed. Restored.

Prayer Binder Tutorial: Part 1 | Stone Soup for Five

Prayer Binder Tutorial: Part 2 | Stone Soup for Five

20 Prayer Journal Prompts | Rachel Wojo

Prayer Journal Free Printables | Sparkles of Sunshine

How to Make Your Own Prayer Journal | A Little R & R

Prayer Journaling Examples: 

A Look at My War Binder | Hope. Dream. Journal.

Putting My Prayer Life in Order | Women Living Well

My New Prayer Journal | Hope. Dream. Journal.

How I Set Up My New Prayer Journal | Intentional by Grace

The most important thing is that we pray. How we do it doesn’t matter as much as whether or not we do it. A prayer journal is merely a tool we can use to draw near to God; it’s the means and not the end.

Find this list helpful? Would you please take a second to share it with a friend so it can help her as well? Thank you! :)

6 thoughts on “Prayer Journaling // How To and Examples

  1. JoDitt

    Hi Kara Beth, I had to move away from my best friend when I was in 5th grade. I was devastated. But, we did enjoy writing letters to each other. I had forgotten about that. I need to bring that same passion into my prayer journaling.

    Thanks for compiling this list and for affirming that there is no one right way – but to find what works for you.

    I’m pinning this to my Prayers/Praying Gods Word pinterest board.
    Blessings to you!


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