Got a big test (or two) coming up? Research paper to write? Homework to complete? Don’t want to study? NO PROBLEM! Today I’m sharing my favorite ways to NOT study. Procrastination 101 here we come!

Got a big test (or two) coming up? Research paper to write? Homework to complete? Don't want to study? NO PROBLEM! Procrastination 101 here we come!

Now, I’m sure you’re more than capable of finding suitable distractions on your own, but here are ten of my favorite ways to procrastinate:

1. Netflix Marathon.

Ah yes Netflix. Such a beautiful creation.

Have a Netflix account? Sign in and get watching! Don’t have a Netflix account? No worries! You can watch DVDs instead! Or refer to #9 where I talk about the wondrous place called YouTube.

The important thing to note here is that it’s a marathon. Don’t stop watching until the very last possible second. Go ahead and waste your time! How else will you ever know if Ross and Rachel from F-R-I-E-N-D-S ever end up together?

2. Clean Your Room.

Such an important thing to do! And something that I so often neglect doing until I have something pressing on me that I desperately don’t want to do. Then I become a super tidy person.

Sweep those floors! Wash ’em dishes! Make that bed!

Put all your books away ;)

3. Hang Out On Social Media.

What better time to catch up with that long lost acquaintance than when you have something important to do?

So check Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Periscope, Snapchat, and all the rest.

Don’t have an account? Make one! Then explore all their magical features.

4. Bake Yummy Goodies.

Cookies. Cake. Tacos. Everything delicious. You can even make enough to share with a friend, and y’all could have a procrastination party!!

5. Go For a Walk.

Get some endorphins from the exercise. See pretty flowers or falling leaves.

Ignore the pressing thoughts of all the things you need to do and go on an adventure!!

6. Hang Out With Friends.

Because relationships are always more important than grades. Right??

7. Read that book you’ve been meaning to read.

If you’re like me, you have a list a mile long of books you’ve been meaning to read. So pick one off the list, find it at your library (or personal collection), and start reading!

8. Write a letter to a friend.

Ah snail mail! That lost art. If your going to be procrastinating anyway, might as well make someone else’s day in the process, right? So pick up a card at Walmart, or make your own, or simply use notebook paper, and get writing.

Tell them about your life. About your classes. Admit that you’re procrastinating, but you value them more than grades. Make their day.

9. YouTube.

Have you heard of Blimey Cow? If not, go check them out and watch video after video. Next thing you’ll know an hour or two will be gone, but you will be all the wiser for it.

Or you could always watch VeggieTale’s silly songs. Or other random videos you stumble across {choose videos wisely, my friend. Not everything out there is appropriate :) }.

10. Write a blog post.

…On ways not to study. ;)

How NOT To Procrastinate: 

So now that my satirical rant helpful list is finished, I wanted to give you some advice on how NOT to procrastinate. Because the struggle is real. There will always be something better, more interesting, or more fun to do than studying, writing a paper, or doing tedious homework.

  • Sometimes it’s best just to sit down and get it done.
  • Finish all of the things you must accomplish today before you hop on Netflix or go on that walk.
  • Turn off the phone and resist the urge to open social media.
  • Set an alarm for 30 minutes and work really hard during that time, and then take a **short** break before starting studying again. That way you don’t burn out.
  • Plan times to study- and show up for yourself.

Most importantly, as Christians, we are called to work at everything “with all [our] heart, as though [we] were working for the Lord rather than people” (Colossians 3:23). When we take this verse to heart, it becomes really hard to procrastinate. Procrastination doesn’t equal working with all our heart. 

I encourage you to finish your responsibilities before you do the tasks on the list above. Use those activities as rewards for your efforts.

Think along the lines of:
If I finish reading this chapter in my textbook for this class, I can read that book I’ve been wanting to
After I ace my test tomorrow, I can watch a few episodes of The Andy Griffith Show on Netflix
If I study for 30 minutes, then I can spend five minutes on Instagram.”

When we have something to look forward to doing after we’re done studying, we become more motivated to finish our tasks right away.

So now that you’re motivated to study so you can do these awesome activities, check out this post about revolutionizing your study habits.

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  1. ChelsFaith

    I lol-ed so hard for the first part. I’m not the procrastinating type, but I’m the distracted type. I found out there’s a way to lock yourself out of your internet browser for a set amount of time, so that that way you can stay focused on your text books. I think the only problem for me would be to give myself the will to lock myself out of my internet browser lol.

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