A while back I had an idea of asking those apart of the Joy Because Grace newsletter to submit any questions they had for me to be addressed in a Q&A format blog post.

I love Q&A style posts, and I think this could be a fun way for y’all to get to know me better.

At the end of the post I’ll tell you how you can submit questions if you’d like :)

Let’s get started…

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How old are you?

I’m 20 years old :)

What made you decide to write such a blog directed towards christian single women? Did you have an epiphany, a turning point??

It sorta just happened! :)

I had been praying a lot about the direction my blog should go, and starting fall of 2015 I just sorta posted the things I was learning about the things I was struggling with. One of these things was singleness and being contently single when I kept seeing my friends getting into relationships.

The posts I wrote about singleness seemed to be getting a good response, so as I kept struggling with it, I wrote the posts I would have liked to read, if that makes sense.

I think the turning point where I actually considered this blog a “blog for single Christian women,” was last February when I conducted a “singleness survey.” (I hope to do another one this year, so stay tuned!)

I asked around 50 singles of various ages what were the pros and cons of being single, and what they were personally struggling with. After reading the responses, I had such a longing in my heart to encourage these people who were just like me and facing the same hopes and dreams I was.

Do you have a purity ring?

Yes :)

Well… Sorta.

I shared the story of my ring in this post, so if you want more background you can hop over there :)

Essentially, this ring is one I bought myself when I was 15 as a reminder that I want to follow after God wholeheartedly in every area of my life.

I wore the ring on my ring finger for years, but this past June I stopped doing that because I got tired of people assuming I was married or engaged… LOL!

So now the ring is looped onto my watch, so I’m still technically wearing it and it still does its job of reminding me to pursue God above all else… but it saves me from the confusion :)

Why are you studying Spanish?

When I started high school I attended a small Christian school where Spanish was the only foreign language offered… and I was very bitter about that. I wanted to learn French.

But the summer after my Freshman year, I went to youth camp in Glorieta, New Mexico which is near San José. While there I was in a “Missions Track” thing and we went to San José a few afternoons to tell people about Jesus.

Well, we ran into a few people who only spoke Spanish, and trying to use online translators to communicate with them was very difficult.

I realized then the importance of knowing Spanish. I live in Texas, where lots of people speak Spanish. I wondered how I could communicate with them and tell them about Jesus if I didn’t know how to speak their language?

So from that moment forward my attitude towards Spanish did a 180 U-turn.

At first, I thought I wanted to study Spanish in college so I could be a missionary. Now, however, I want to be a Spanish teacher. So many people have horrible experiences with Spanish in middle school or high school, so they end up hating the language.

I want my future students to have fun learning Spanish and to enjoy it, even if they do grow up to forget everything they learned in high school.

What denomination are you?

I attend a Baptist church and have been apart of the Baptist denomination my whole life, so I guess I’m Baptist. However, there are a few things in the Baptist theology that I’m not sure I agree with.

So typically, I just claim to be Christian :)

Are you courting or dating?

Not at this present moment.

However, I do have the feeling that my guy best friend (who I like and know he like me too) is going to ask me out soon!! *Squeals* :)

What is the worst part of being single for you?

Jealousy :(

When I see my friends start being in dating relationships or get engaged, it’s a struggle for me not to feel left out or jealous of them. It’s hard for me to sort through my feelings of being genuinely happy for them (which I am) but also being discontent.

I know coveting is a sin, so I’ve been striving towards contentment in Jesus. :)

{Thus the abundance of posts on contentment on this blog :D }

That’s it for today!!

If you’d like to submit a question, you can do so here.

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  1. Megan

    I love this! It’s cool getting to know more about you. Aw I hope things work out with you best friend, that sounds like a great start to a relationship <3

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