So, I wrote a book about singleness :) Called Single Conversations to be exact. I’m so excited to announce here on my blog that this book that I’ve been working on and praying about for almost a year now is finally being published– TOMORROW!!

Whoo hoo!!

I’m super excited about Single Conversations, so I thought I’d share a brief FAQ today about it. :)


Great new book about singleness and faith!


1. Who is this book for?

I believe any single woman can read this book and get something out of it. However, this book was specifically written for young women, ages 16-25.

I personally know the struggles that come from being the teen that never gets asked out. I know what it’s like when all of your friends start getting engaged, and you’ve still never been on a date.

If you can relate, this book is for you.


2. When is the book released?

The release date for the book is Friday, October 6, 2017. (That’s tomorrow! *Confetti*)


3. How much is the book?

Single Conversations costs $5 :)


4. Where do I buy the book?

On Friday, you can go to to buy a copy of Single Conversations. Presently, it is only sold from my website.


5. How long is Single Conversations?

Single Conversations is ten chapters long.

The chapter titles are:

  1. Singleness Does NOT Define You
  2. Learning to be Content
  3. Singleness is a Blessing (I Promise!)
  4. Singleness Myths
  5. How to Wait Well
  6. When Singleness becomes Loneliness
  7. When All Your Friends Are Dating… And You’re Not
  8. Boys, Boys, BOYS
  9. Let’s Talk Future Husband, Shall We?
  10. Making the Most of Your Single Years


6. What format is Single Conversations?

When you buy Single Conversations it will be sent to your inbox in a pdf format.

7. I’ve been reading your blog for a few months now, why should I buy your book when you write about singleness so much on your blog?

Great question! You can certainly access free material on this blog similar to what you will find in the book. However, Single Conversations contains more in depth information than you will find on the Joy Because Grace blog.


8. How can I spread the word about Single Conversations?

Aww you’re so sweet! You can post about Single Conversations on social media using the hashtag #SingleConversations, or you can spread the word to your friends via word of mouth. You could also send this post to a friend to let her know about it that way :)

That’s all for today :) If you have any other questions, feel free to comment them below :)

Kara Beth

Click here to buy Single Conversations.

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  1. Neva

    Hey girl, congrats on this!! It’s so exciting to see another Graced Girl accomplishing awesome things! (I’m not personally single, but I have some friends who I definitely will be mentioning this to, struggling with singleness was a BIG topic in my Cruller study last semester.)

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