I love Valentine’s Day! It’s my second favorite holiday (following Christmas Eve). I love the hearts, the flowers, the lace, the hearts-with-words-on-them candy, rocking red and pink on everything… *Sigh*

And get this–I’ve never gone on a Valentine’s Day date before. Nope. My love for the day is completely unrelated to this thing called “boys.”

I have discovered over the years that most singles don’t love Valentine’s Day as much as I do. Critics call it a “Greeting Card Holiday” or “Singles’ Awareness Day.” Additionally, people believe that in order to enjoy February 14th, you must have a “Special Someone.”

Oh please.

So, the following are some ways that you can survive thrive this year on Valentine’s Day.

Single this Valentine's Day? Never fear! Here are 6 great tips to help you have a blast on Valentine's Day as a single.

1. Get your focus off of boys!

Come on now, sisters, repeat after me:

“I am valuable even if a boy doesn’t like me. The world does not revolve around these boy-creature-things.”

Repeat it until you believe it.

You are valuable because you are a unique creation of the Lord. Boys have nothing to do with your worth. This world we live in constantly lies to us and tells us that if we don’t have a boyfriend, something is wrong with us. Do. Not. Believe. The. Lies.

We are beautiful, even if no one tells us so.

We are wanted, even if no one tells us so.

We are loved, even in if no one tells us so.

Our worth does not correlate to how many guys are (or are not) knocking down our door.

2. Plan a girl’s night with some friends

Who says that only couples can have fun on Valentine’s day??

Text some of your girlies, and invite them over to hang out!

Watch movies! (Maybe not full-out chick-flicks, if you’re still getting the hang of the not-dwelling-on-boys thing.) Watch The Princess Diaries or Frozen or Brave or Miss Congeniality. The Little Rascals, Finding Nemo, Sky High and Mom’s Night Out are some other movies I recommend.

Play games! There are so many great board games out there! My current favorite is Balderdash. Or play Just Dance or Mario Kart. Those are always a blast.

Make cupcakes! Or cookies! And decorate them all cute with those red and pink sprinkles you find in stores around this time of year.

Treat yourselves and go out to a fancy restaurant together! (Don’t forget to make a reservation.) Or go bowling or play mini golf :)

No matter what you do, I know you’ll have a blast.

Or, even if you’d rather get your girl friends together and drown out your miseries in mint chocolate chip ice cream- hey, I’m not judging :) Just hang out with friends in some shape or fashion, nobody wants to feel alone.

3. Hang out with your family

If you’re able, just chill with your fam. Do any of the activities mentioned above, or something else your family enjoys.

Your family loves you, and no matter what happens in life, they will always be around.

4. Babysit around Valentine’s Day

For reals. Babysitting. Is. Awesome.

I hear that married peoples typically like hanging out together without their kids at some point around Valentine’s Day. I know, weird, right? ;) So, look around and see if anyone would like you to babysit for them. Maybe even offer to do it for free. Either way, you can help them have a great night, and you get a fantastic night of playing with some awesome kiddos!

5. Treat yourself

Take a bubble bath.

Eat some chocolate.

Listen to your favorite music.

Read that book you’ve been wanting to find time to read.

Just enjoy today.

So next time you are in Walmart and see all of the Valentine’s isles, don’t immediately hate on yourself and mutter, “Yet another reminder that I don’t have a boyfriend.” Girl- if you want to, go look at the isles anywho!! Buy yourself some heart shaped candy! Treat yourself!

You’re special, and it’s okay to remind yourself that sometimes.

6. Focus on Jesus

I think this one is the most important, thus I saved it for last :)

If you think about it, Valentine’s Day is all about love; well, who has loved us and sacrificed for us more than Jesus?

Jesus loved us so much that he left Heaven and came down to earth just to prove it. He sacrificed his entire life for us. He thinks we’re worth dying for.

Y’all, he loves us. Even though we aren’t perfect. 

Traditionally, people think of Christmas and Easter as the major Christian holidays, but I think Valentine’s Day should be right up there with them. What better time to remember that Jesus loves us, than on a day already centered around love?

So, spend some time with Jesus this Valentine’s Day. Write him a love letter. Sing him a song. Go for a walk with him. Thank him for loving you enough to die for you.

Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.

Valentine’s Day is only going to be as awesome (or lame) as you make it be. So give it some pizzazz!

I hope you have a fantastic Valentine’s Day and that you thrive it, not just survive it :)

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