Ah Blimey Cow. They make my Mondays :)

In case you haven’t heard of Blimey Cow before, they’re a group of Christians who post fantastic, sarcastic videos about Christianity, relationships, college, and homeschooling (to name a few topics).

They’re super funny and also very helpful, because they say what most people don’t say. They point out flaws and cliques we fail to see, and help shine truth on a matter through their sarcastic and satirical outlook.

That being said, today I’m sharing seven of my favorite Blimey Cow videos that pertain to singleness and dating :)

Singleness & Dating

When People Ask Why Your Single

Basically, how to deal with this question when it comes up. What to say or say or not say.

5 Great Reasons to be Single

Great list and great encouragement!!

Why I Hate Being the Third Wheel

Have you ever felt like a third wheel when two of your friends started dating? Then you’ll definitely relate to this video.

10 Ways to get the Right Guy to Like You

Emphasis on the RIGHT here.

The Top 30 Christian Pick-Up Lines

Oh-so-funny and would be oh-so-awkward if anyone ever used some of these in real life…

How do you know if you’re in love?

Going beyond the standard “When it happens, you’ll just know.”

{BONUS} The Ten Most Awkward Hugs

This video isn’t really limited to hugs in dating relationships, but it’s just so great that I had to include it in this list :) Have you ever been hugged like this?

Want even more Blimey Cow awesomeness?

You’re in luck! You can check out their YouTube channel and watch even more great videos. They post a new Messy Monday video every… Monday (guess that was self explanatory lol)! They definitely start my week off with a smile, and I hope they will bless you too :)

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