Last year I rounded up my favorite singleness/dating videos by Blimey cow and compiled them into a blog post for your viewing convenience.

Since then, they have made more hysterically funny videos on this topic, and so I just had to share them with you! :)

Some background though, in case you don’t know who Blimey Cow is.

Blimey Cow is composed of two Christian brothers who are now somewhere in their twenties (Josh and Jordan), Josh’s wife, and some of their friends. They make fantastic videos about Christianity, relationships, homeschooling, college, ect. and they post them every Monday.

If you ever need a pick-me-up, go binge watch their videos. I promise, you’ll be feeling better in no time.

Anywho… here are their new relationship videos! Enjoy!

Singleness and Dating as told by blimey cow

It’s okay to be Single

How to Get to Know Your Crush (Without Being Awkward)

When Your First Date goes Seriously Wrong

The Homeschooler’s Guide to Dating

Seven Things You Should Never Say to Your Boyfriend

How to Survive the Breakup


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