My dear friend, it is time yet again for you and I to take an imaginary trip to the coffee shop to discuss life. Oh man, have I got something exciting to tell you!

Brimming with excitement, I order a small caramel frappuccino and you order your drink of choice. Then we wander to a cosy corner of the coffee shop and settle into our chairs. I take a sip of my drink, eyes dancing excitedly.

You lean forward in your seat and prompt me, “You had something you wanted to tell me…?”

I grin and take another sip.

“So there’s this guy.”

We grew up going to the same church, but we don’t remember each other from way back then. I started attending his school in the 6th grade, and that’s when our memories of each other start. {We find it funny that we were around each other since kindergarten, but we have no recollection of this LOL!}

Anywho, somewhere along the way I started liking him.

Because he loved Jesus. He was respectful to our teachers, and he was respectful to girls (offering them his jacket if they were cold for instance– and not in a flirty way, but in a way that showed that he genuinely cared about their wellbeing). He was servant-hearted. The list goes on, but you get the gist of it ;)

But never in my wildest dreams did I think he might someday like me too.

Junior year of high school, he asked me to prom. And then senior year we went to both homecoming and prom together. We had a blast each time, and I began to wonder the epic question that all girls at one point or another ask themselves: Does he like me???

The Boy Collage

Also, senior year we started hanging out a lot. Like, he would come over to my house to hang out some with my brother and I, or he and I would come up with ways for our youth group to hang out outside of church, so we could hang out then too.

He became one of my closest friends.

After graduating high school, we told each other we liked each other and talked about whether or not we would one day date. We decided yes, someday we would. But the timing was never right for one reason or another. So I waited for the day that he would ask me out.

We also happened to decide to go to the same university- something I never dreamed would happen either. So since starting college, we have continued to grow our friendship and he is truly my best friend. All the while, I hoped he would one day ask me out, so I continued to wait and pray.

And as I waited, I struggled with being contently single. I struggled with being single as a whole, because I could not wait to someday date him. …And thus this blog was born, LOL!


On January 22, 2017, the moment I had been waiting for arrived.

My roommate kidnapped me and took me to my parent’s house (our university is 15 minutes away from my home) where I walked in to find yarn zigzagging all throughout my house. I was really confused at first, but then I realized there were clothespins attached to the yarn here and there. And on every clothespin there was a letter.

So I followed the trail of the yarn, picking up each clothespin as I went.








I started getting excited.





Here I was confused. What does “goon” mean?






Ohhhh! GO ON! Lol!








And as I grabbed the question mark clothespin, I rounded the corner into our game room and there he stood, holding a bouquet of daisies (my fave flower). “Will you go on a date with me?” He asked.

“Yes!” I squealed, “And it’s about time, haha!”


So I have a boyfriend now.

And it’s been sorta an odd adjustment in my mind, since I’ve become so used to being single LOL! {Blog post on my transition from singleness to dating coming soon!}

Needless to say, I share all of this with you, dear friend, since I write a lot about singleness here on Joy Because Grace and I want to be open with you about any guy-situation in my life… which has previously been pretty much nonexistent!

I’m still planning on writing about singleness. That’s not gonna change any time soon. :)

In fact, during the month that led up to him asking me out, I was the most worried about us dating because I was concerned about what would happen to Joy Because Grace if I were no longer single.

But then I realized that Phylicia, of (one of my all time favorite blogs!), writes about singleness and she’s MARRIED… so if she can do it, I can do it too! *Insert sunglasses emoji here*

That just about wraps up the story of this boy and I… and I’m out of my caramel frappuccino… so I guess it’s about time we leave our coffee date.

Until next time!
-Kara Beth

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