This is a week of giving thanks, a week of gratitude, a week of gratefulness. Typically, on thanksgiving day, I make a list of everything that pops into my head that I’m thankful for. Most likely this year won’t be any different.I had a thought, however.

What if I tweeted with the hashtag “so thankful” every time I thought of something to be thankful for. 

After all, thankfulness is a way of life, not just one day on the calender.

So here’s my plan: every time I discover something else I’m thankful for, I’ll tweet about it using #sothankful. Then, on Thursday (or some other time this week), I’ll make one big list accumulating all of my tiny thanks from throughout this week.

In addition, I’ll search tweets using the hashtag to see what other people are #sothankful for. So far, that has been spurring me on in my pursuit of gratitude.

Feel free to join me! In fact, please do!! And use the hashtag to spread the attitude of gratitude :)

If you don’t have a twitter, that’s okay! Just make a running list on your phone, or some other easily accessible place.

Also, please comment below what you’re #sothankful about!! :)

I’m blogging about a hashtag. Forgive me?

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