During the summer, things can get crazy with our own schedules, much less trying to incorporate our friend’s schedules with ours. But just because it can be harder to get together with our friends during the summer, doesn’t mean we should just sit on the couch watching Netflix during our spare time until they can hang out. Here are 17 adventures you can go on by yourself :) See a movie at the theater Eat out at a nice restaurant more »

Concerning Cooking...

I’ve only been back on campus for a little over a week now but that’s apparently plenty of time to have more than a fair share of kitchen adventures. Who knew cooking could be such a learning experience? ;) Basically I’ve learned this week that I’m nowhere near food-blogger status. Oh wells. Maybe someday. Anywho, here are my kitchen adventures from this week. 1. Our first night in our apartment, my roommate and I cooked a frozen pizza. And we discovered more »

That day I explored a volcano and a bunch

One of my absolute favorite days in Costa Rica was the very first Saturday we were there. Our professors planned a very busy and full day for us full of adventure. My fellow students and I were expected to be at ICADS, our school, at 8:30 that day. Once we arrived, we boarded our bus and took off for the Irazu volcano! IT WAS BEAUTIFUL!!! Absolutely breathtaking. The crisp air was very cold, but the ground itself was warm from more »

Looking for a study abroad packing list? Here's what one student took with her. Great list!

Hola!! Last month I had the AMAZING opportunity to study abroad in Costa Rica! It was a blast and I had so many adventures, many of which you will read about here. :) This is the first post in The Chronicles of Costa Rica series. :) Today, I’m giving y’all a peek into my suitcase. Y’all can use this as a study abroad packing list if you’re studying somewhere! Here we go… -Study Abroad Packing List- Clothes: 4 t-shirts 6 more »

An Announcement

Hey everybody!! I just wanted to announce that I will be away from Internet until the first week of August…. …Because I’m going to be studying abroad in July!!! *Squeals!* I’m going to a Latin American country  with a group from my college. I will be taking two Spanish courses in the mornings, and in the afternoons we’re going to go on field trips around the country. We’re also staying with host families. As a Spanish major, I’m really excited more »