The following is a guest post by Kayla of The Accidental Nomad Life I was angry, I felt useless, pointless, directionless…I was questioning who I was, what my worth was, what my purpose for life was… I always thought I knew. I always thought that I’d end up playing this big, strong, female role – the one that can conquer everything and anything – no sweat. But here I was, empty, trying to figure out who I truly was. The more »


When I was 8 I hated my red hair. I didn’t want red hair. I wanted blonde hair, like Cinderella or Aurora. Their gorgeous hair looked so perfect, and I had mega hair envy. When I became a teen, I started memorizing verses about self-image and eventually realized God thought my red hair was beautiful and He made it that way on purpose. Eventually, I came to like it. Occasionally, people (be they friends or random hair stylists) have told more » (87)

Grief consumed me, like a monster gulping down its meal. I sat on my bed, tears streaming down my face. It was a few months after my cousin had suddenly died and I didn’t understand why God would let him die- especially with no warning. I felt alone and mournful, and cried out to God, hoping He would hear me. A moment later, my phone buzzed. I wiped my eyes as I looked down at it. I had a text from more »

Internal beauty outweighs external beauty.

Eleven year old Anna Cathrine was leaning against the back of the couch, scrolling through Pinterest on her phone. Her younger sister was stretched out over the Twister rug as I spun the spinner for her. “Place a foot on green,” I said, and the small four year old reached for the green circle, and fell to the ground. Anna Cathrine looked up from her phone, and excitedly exclaimed “I’m beautiful!” I grinned. True, but a little random. Where did that more » (2)

Confession: This past month I have been extremely discontent. And the worst part is, I didn’t even realize I was discontent until I was knee-deep in the quick sand of envy and longing, trapped, unable to move. I felt like I was suffocating. I was unable to let go of my discontentment and move on with my life- to do the things God called me to do. I felt unworthy to encourage others to be content, when I myself was struggling. Finally, more »