It was the first Sunday of my mission trip to England. My team and I gathered in the home of our British leader, James, for a time of fellowship and to cook him a traditional American breakfast for dinner- pancakes and bacon. After we ate, James suggested we pair off and pray for each other as we begin our week of work in the school and church, as well as praying for any spiritual gifts we wanted to receive. Abigail more »

Abide in Jesus fb

This month we’ve studied what it means to abide, why we need to abide in Jesus (who is our true vine), and we’ve looked at Mary and how she abided. Today, we’re going to look at some practical ways we can learn to abide in Jesus. 5 Ways We Can Abide in Jesus: 1. Spend time with Him. Like Mary, we need to seek to spend time with Jesus. In order to abide in Him, He must come first in more »


When going off to college, you have a fantastic opportunity to visit churches on your own– without your parents or  anyone else to guide you. This may seem scary, but finding a local church home in your college city really isn’t all that difficult.   1. Visit churches. Duh. But really! Actually visit churches, don’t just talk about visiting churches. Visit a church on your very first Sunday of college. I know it’s scary– I was terrified. But if you don’t more »

stress relief 101

The necessity for stress relief is enormous. Just take it from me; this past Tuesday I was literally curled up on my bed about to cry from stress. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t think clearly. All I knew is that I had so many things to get done, and so little time to do them in. I was stress paralyzed. I have discovered that being stress paralyzed isn’t constructive when it comes to finding time to blog (Thus I didn’t more »