“So Kara, do you have a boyfriend?” Someone might ask. “Nope!” I would cheerfully say with a smile. Or better yet– “I saw you with that guy the other day. Are y’all dating?” “Nope, we’re just friends.” Or my personal “favorite” — “Are you and so and so still dating?” “No… We never were dating.” Lol! I’ve been asked these questions so many times, my answers are now on auto-response it seems. *Chuckles* Sometimes it feels like we’re living in more »

yellow roses

So Valentine’s Day was last month, in case you were unaware ;) And the day before Valentine’s day I spontaneously decided that I wanted to decorate my apartment for Valentine’s and surprise my roommates. So I made a quick Walmart run. And oh my goodness, let me tell you that Walmart on Valentine’s Eve is one of the cheeriest places ever. There were roses lined up and down the isles and red heart shaped balloons in the air. *Sighs.* The more »

3 myths about being single (1)

There are many myths about being single. Most of them are negative in nature. And if you’ve been single for a while (or for your whole life like me) it can be difficult to catch these lies and replace them with truth. The enemy wants to discourage us. He wants us to doubt God and His goodness. He wants us to become experts in throwing ourselves pity parties. Because while we’re focused on ourselves and the “horrors” of singleness, we more »

lessons from the well sm

Ashamed. She felt ashamed when she ventured to the well in the midday heat. She felt so incredibly ashamed she refused to draw water in the morning or the evening when the weather was cool, because that’s when the other women gathered. She didn’t want to face them. Or anyone, really. She walked down the dusty path, like she did a thousand times. To her surprise, she saw a Jewish man sitting at the well. Jews didn’t normally venture into Samaria. more »

singleness is a blessing

A few weeks ago, a cheerful third grade girl plopped down by me on the pew before church started. I smiled. During the summer, this girl would often ask her parents if she could sit by me during church, and I’d missed visiting with her every Sunday. We chit chatted for a while, and I asked her how school was going and how her Thanksgiving break was. Then the topic of Christmas came up and she said she was really more »