{Actually, it was never written, but that didn’t go with the alliteration. Please pardon me. ;) } . . . So I originally typed all of this to go in my “Three Years Later” post that will be published Thursday (a reflection upon this school year). But my Pageant reflections ended up way too long so figured I should just dedicate an entire post to my Pageant experience. Thus this post. So here we go…     Sometime during the more »


When I was eleven I attended a “6th grade retreat” which was put on by my small private school. There were four other sixth graders in my cabin, and we had two counselors who were both seniors in high school. On the very first night of the retreat, our counselors gave us cute composition books to use as a journal or notebook during our time at the retreat. Since that moment, journaling has become a very dear habit of mine, more »

two years later

Two years ago I embarked on my journey through college. It seems odd for me to think about how I’m halfway done, and my university days are nearly over. That means I’m growing up… and I don’t feel old enough to be a grown up yet. Thinking back to move-in day, I remember how scared and nervous I felt as a freshman. I was terrified, and my university was only a 20 minute drive from home. I was scared that more »

2015 year in review

I don’t know about you, but 2015 seemed to fly by! This year was filled with countless adventures and laughter… and some tears too. Some 2015 firsts: First time to go out of the country First time to lead/teach a VBS class First time to go on a cruise First time to be in a car wreck (as a driver) First time to teach Spanish in a school Here is a quick summery of key events in 2015: January: Second more »

The ABCs of Me

The first graders to whom I’m teaching Spanish finished learning the Spanish alphabet this past Friday!! Whoo hoo! I’m so proud of them. A while back Anna of She Is Joyful wrote a post entitled “The ABCs of Me.” I thought it was such a cute idea. So today, in honor of my awesome first graders, I’m sharing the ABCs of Kara. Here we go… A- Age: 19 B- Best Day Ever: There have been plenty off awesome and memorible days after this, but more »