Here on Joy Because Grace, we’ve discussed praying for our future husbands quite a bit. We’ve discussed why it’s important, ways we can pray for them, and what we can pray for them. I’ve even created a “Praying for Your Future Husband eGuide” you can grab for free. However, we haven’t really discussed the personal benefits of praying for a man we’ve never met. Now, I’m not saying here that the only reason we should be praying for our more »


The day has come where I share the raw truth about why I deleted my Facebook and Instagram apps from my phone and took a social media fast. I’d like to think of us as two friends who were grabbing coffee (or hot chocolate) and catching up about life. As the coffee cups warmed our chilly hands, I’d lean forward and make a confession: “So National Boyfriend Day happened in October, and it kinda sorta wrecked havoc in my heart.” more » (89)

Want to know something I think is pretty bizarre? I write a blog about singleness.  The fact that I have this space to voice my frustrations with this season and write down encouraging thoughts that others- that you!- can relate to completely amazes and humbles me. Because I don’t have this singleness thing figured out. No. Way. José. I’m constantly struggling with discontentment and jealousy- down to the point I even deleted my Facebook and Instagram apps for a while. more »


Once again, I’m in awe of how it doesn’t matter what circumstance we are in, we can still be thankful for our singleness. We don’t need some idealistic, perfect scenario to come true in order for us to give thanks to God for singleness. Our circumstances may change and our histories may be starkly different, but our God is the same. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never been in a relationship before. It doesn’t matter if you’ve recently come out more »


Being thankful for singleness is HARD y’all. I’m not going to pretend that it is easy. And several of the girls who have shared in this series would agree with me. By reading the responses of the girls who shared in this series, it has become easier for me to see why I can be grateful for singleness. I pray that soon it will be second nature. Through this series, I have read accounts of girls for whom it seems easy for more »