During the summer, things can get crazy with our own schedules, much less trying to incorporate our friend’s schedules with ours. But just because it can be harder to get together with our friends during the summer, doesn’t mean we should just sit on the couch watching Netflix during our spare time until they can hang out. Here are 17 adventures you can go on by yourself :) See a movie at the theater Eat out at a nice restaurant more »


I love rollerskating now. Which surprises me, because when I was eight or so I thought I would abhor rollerskating forever. You see, I had a very traumatic rollerskating experience when I was eight. The local homeschool group rented the skating rink, and so my family went. I didn’t know how to skate well, so I stayed near the wall. Eventually, the DJ called for a couples skate, and my mom and I started skating around the rink holding hands. more »