Last week I emailed those who are a part of the Joy Because Grace Newsletter and asked them if they’re thankful for being single.

Their responses completely blew me away! I’m learning so much from them, and I hope you do too! :)

Over the next few days and weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, you’ll be seeing several of these “Why I’m Thankful for Singleness” posts. I hope they inspire you to sit and think about if you’re thankful for being single, and if so, why.


I am incredibly thankful for my singleness right now at this point in my life. I’m heading to Guatemala this coming March to work alongside a children’s home for a whole year..maybe longer.

At this point in my life, almost 26, I am so thankful that I am completely free to make this decision and follow Christ. Although I would love to have a husband to share this venture with, I also find myself thankful that I get to go out on my own.

The Lord is growing me in my faith and truly carving a path for me as I prepare to leave. I love the freedom that I had to make this decision with only God’s plan for me in mind. Through this the Lord will grow me in ways that will lead me to be a stronger wife and mother, if that’s the future God has planned for me someday.

– Anna


I’ve been single for an extremely long time and I go through my ups and downs with this issue. I’ve been angry, sad, discouraged, happy, thankful, at peace, and then mad again. But right now as you find me I’m actually right at that thankful stage.

Don’t get me wrong it took me a lot to get here and my emotions change a lot but I’m thankful.

I’m thankful because life is not always easy and in this craziness of life it’s easy to get caught up with family, relationships, and job responsibilities. But being single gives me a time to breath, to be alone with me and God.

Being single I get to travel a lot and although it would be much nicer with a spouse, it’s in those alone times that I feel fully complete. Because God says in His word that in my weakness He is strong. See in those alone times is when I’m supposed to feel the loneliest.

But I see that in those alone moments I feel that I’m most complete. I feel no loneliness but complete fullness. So I’m thankful for the my singleness because in my weakness God is made strong.

– Jenny


I’ve recently gone through a break up with a guy I had been dating for three years and the one I thought God wanted me to marry. It’s been such an emotional roller coaster of ups and downs, even though I’ve only been single for four months now.

The number one reason I’m thankful for this season of singleness is because it gives me time to just focus on my relationship with God. When we had just broken up, I realized being in the relationship (even if it was a godly one) I had become stagnant in my walk with Christ. I’m learning everyday to rely on God for everything and to also surrender everything (all my plans for my future) to Him.



I am thankful for being single right now, as God is teaching me to be content and complete in Him alone! I believe God is teaching me how to become a better future wife right now, through challenging me to be more respectful to my father, church elders, pastor, ect., in preparation for a lifelong union with my beloved! <3

Being single also has helped me focus on my studies, my family and my commitment to serve the Lord- WHOLEHEARTEDLY! Woohoo! :)



I am thankful for my season of singleness because it’s given me the ability to work on some of the areas I didn’t know I had. It’s allowing me to walk into purpose before I am united with the guy God has for me. I am able to concentrate on school and travel when needed. I’ve learned to be content in this season and to love myself. I’ve learned to enjoy my own company along with Jesus.



I am thankful for being single because of how busy I am. I am able to focus better on what God wants for me and focus on His provision no matter what I’m going through. I am thankful for being single because I am not clouded when making important decisions that will impact my future. It is during this time that I am able to focus so much more on God without the distraction of a relationship.



I hope these personal stories and examples have inspired you to think about why you yourself can be thankful for being single. I know they have inspired me!

Thank you Anna, Jenny, Hannah, Emma, Aline, and Taylor for sharing why your thankful for being single!

Be sure to check back Wednesday for part two!

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