I used to feel silly when I would “pull the God-card” when asked “Why are you still single?”

As if my response of “It’s not a part of God’s plan for me right now, so I’m learning to trust Him and praise Him in this season,” was inadequate or lame in someway.

In the same way, I used to feel silly when I thought about if I was thankful for being single if the only reason I could think of was, “Well, I guess it’s just me and God right now, and I supposed that’s a good thing.” I thought I needed some other reasons to justify it too.

That has changed.

Through reading the responses that you’re about to read, I have learned that being thankful for singleness because it allows me to grow closer to God is not some “lame” response or just a “Sunday School answer.” 

If I’m genuinely thankful to have this extra time to spend with the Lord, and I actually spend it to grow closer to Him {which I’m working on doing– my quiet times have been all over the place lately}, then YAY!

These ladies who you’re about to hear from, they’re so inspiring!

They all talk about how this season of singleness has brought them closer to God, in unique ways. 

I don’t want to spoil their answers for you, so let’s get on to their responses! :)



I am thankful for my singleness because God is using me in ways I couldn’t have imagined.

My family moved to Haiti in 2013 to become missionaries with Mission Of Grace. I am currently in the states until January, and them I am heading to YWAM Australia for six months. I will be apart of a medical ship! This opportunity wouldn’t have come up the same way if I was dating.

Don’t get me wrong, I still desire to be married one day, but I am trusting our Heavenly Father for His timing.

Lately, so many girls in our society have this mindset that they are only worth something if they have a guy. They don’t realize our identity is in Jesus!



One door has closed in my life and now I’m praising God while I stand in the hallway while waiting for Him to open the next door. Until God brings the man He wants to place in my life, I will enjoy being single and grow in my faith.



Yea, I’m very thankful that I’m single. I was married and completely miserable. Not that there’s anything wrong with marriage, but when you marry someone who drags you down, puts you down and makes you feel awful about yourself, then it makes life hard. I thank God for saving me.

Am I lonely sometimes? Yes. But then I remember God loves me and is there for me and I can draw closer to Him and give Him my undivided attention. There is life after divorce. And being single can be a blessing.



In my season of singleness I had told God that I would not settle for someone unless that someone loves me.

But I met the wrong person again, and again, in Gods wonderful grace and mercy, He saved me and this situation has brought me closer to God.  So I am thankful that in this season of singleness I am learning to lean on God and God is teaching me to be thankful in all circumstances (Thessalonians 5:18) -that is the verse God has placed in my heart.



I am thankful for my singleness as it gives me the time to grow in Christ. God is always speaking to my heart and showing me where I need to grow. I also have to learn to be content in my singleness in order to be better later in marriage, if that’s God’s will. Singleness also allows the gifts God placed in me to grow and be used. I want to be totally in love with Him.

I am most thankful for my singleness because I want God to send the man He has chosen for me.  I am tired of meeting men  and we are not equally yoked.  Right now I am at peace with where I am. I get asked why are you single? I reply, “It’s my choice at the moment.”  I could be dating, but I am not settling.



I am thankful for being single. Very thankful. Being single (for a year) allowed me to grow as a woman. I figured out a lot about myself this year that I wasn’t able to do in a relationship. My faith in God was also renewed. The strength and time and emotion I placed in a relationship was able to be redirected. I’ll be able to go into my next relationship wiser and being able to know my worth.



Having mission opportunities, learning to praise Him in the in-between-times, drawing near to Him, leaning on Him, using the gifts He has given, and renewing of faith– such unique ways to experience God more fully in this time of singleness.

I feel so encouraged not to take this time of “just me and God” lightly, and I hope after reading the following responses you will too :)

Thank you Sarah, Deb, Christen, Charlene, Tammy, and Lauren for sharing why you are thankful for your singleness.

Check back Wednesday for part 5! :)

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