It occurred to me that I haven’t blogged in over a week. (Oops.) And it’s not because I’ve been busy, but rather because I couldn’t think of any good ideas *she admits guiltily.*

But, have no fear, I had a splendid idea tonight :)

You see, my church service today was about gratitude and thanksgiving and how our thankfulness should spring from God forgiving us.

Then, tonight I went to a girls-only Bible study and we talked about thanksgiving there too, and how thankfulness should be a part of our every moment.

I love it when two totally different Bible studies correlate :)

Both of the Bible studies taught me a lot about thanksgiving and gratitude. In response, I’m going to strive to make gratitude a more prominent aspect of my life (and that will most likely spill into my blog– be forwarned), especially this week.

And on the subject of thanks- thank you for reading my blog. You totally rock!

Best wishes,