Death is a horrible, tragic occurrence. But we have hope because of the day that death died.

The Day that Death Died

By Michaela W.

By one of His own, He was betrayed,
One who, by silver’s ring, was swayed,
He was led away, His hands bound and tied,
On the day that death died.

Spit upon and falsely accused,
He was whipped, beaten – horribly abused,
Before Pilate of Rome, He was questioned and tried,
On the day that death died.

Led through the streets full of mocking and scorn,
A burden on His back, on His head a crown of thorns,
He was taken to a hill and publicly mortified,
On the day that death died.

Metal stakes piercing His hand and His feet,
He surrendered to pain, evil’s power to defeat,
Though seen as weakness, God’s will was satisfied,
On the day that death died.

The Son of God raised up on a tree,
Suffering, dying for all to see,
“Father forgive them!” to heaven He cried,
On the day that death died.

“Eloi, Eloi, lema sabachthani!”
No greater pain would the world ever see,
Than the Father casting His Son aside,
On the day that death died.

The sky grew dark, the ground began to shake,
Tombs opened and the dead came awake,
“It is finished,” with His final breath He sighed,
On the day that death died.

The Temple curtain, down the middle, was torn,
Eternal life for mankind had been born,
Access to the Father now opened wide,
On the day that death died.

His pierced side released water and blood,
The love of the Father now a crimson flood,
Mortal man now forever sanctified,
On the day that death died.

No greater sacrifice than to die for a friend,
A love too great to comprehend,
Yet Christ, in God’s will, did abide,
On the day that death died.

On behalf of mortal men, Christ did intercede,
And after three days, did rise indeed,
Death’s powers, by the risen Christ, defied,
On the day that death died.

The ransom for my sin – God’s only Son,
Purchased in blood – God will be done,
My life eternally, perfectly justified,
On the day that death died!


About Michaela:

I’m a 21 year-old, Texas-born college student who is completely obsessed with weddings and I plan on opening my own special events business (so you know who to contact if you need a wedding planner)!

I love all kinds of music, The Left Behind book series, Cary Grant movies (if you’re my age, you probably don’t know who he is, but even so, your movie life has been gravely deprived of pure awesomeness!), dragons, and tiny puppies!

Above all, I love serving and following Jesus, and I can’t wait to see all the crazy, amazing things He has for me on my life adventure!

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One thought on “The Day That Death Died


    Well done Micheala. I am so thankful for the sacrifice that Jesus made for us. What a loving Savior we serve. Continue to seek His will and He will guide you on the path He has planned for you. have a fantastic week and may God bless you and yours.


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