So today I’m trying out something new… A VLOG!!! I have never vlogged before, but it was a lot of fun! (Despite the video spazzing… and then YouTube spazzing…. and me having absolutely ZERO clue about how to edit a video on my phone…..)

This vlog is a part of The Golden Vlog series that Faith of Life w/ Mrs. G and the Artist started a while back. I first found out about The Golden Vlog at the end of October, and I decided I had to join in in November. The topic for this month is all about jobs.

So here y’all go… My first vlog!

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4 thoughts on “The Golden Vlog // All About Jobs!

  1. Fillia

    I should mention that I’m admiring anyone who deals with food too.
    It’s not easy preparing a nice meal. I just started my 1st vlog as well. It’s fun!
    Nice Gozo mug, btw.


  2. Kaycee

    Great job on your first vlog! :) My dream job would be a job where I can work from home that way I can be a mom as well as contribute to my family. As far as what that job would be…I don’t know! (Visiting from the Peony Project!)


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