The Joy of Mondays???

Yup. You read it right. Mondays can be joyful.

Every December, as soon as Christmas passes, everyone gets SUPER excited for the New Year.
Because with the New Year comes a second chance, a hope that things will be different this year. It’s a time for resolutions and goals and dreams.

Why then, if we look forward to the New Year, do we not look forward to the new week?

Mondays are the start of the work/school week. They’re an opportunity to begin anew and to do things better than we did last week. They’re a time for goal-setting and perseverance.

Unfortunately, I hardly ever view Mondays as a good thing. My mind has grown accustomed to being negative and critical and full of complaints on Mondays, so that I rarely see the good. Thus, I end up starting my week off with a groan, rather than a shout of joy.

I don’t want that to continue.

I want to look forward to Mondays– and for more than just the new Blimey Cow video. I desire that Mondays become full of energy, instead of exhaustion. Joy, instead of sorrow. Gratefulness, instead of complaints.

This is the day that the Lord has

Three Ways I Plan on Making the Most of My Mondays:

1. Outlining what I need to get done this coming week, and start getting it done! I want to break the cycle of procrastination that is overwhelming my life.

2. Read my Bible. I find it so hard to be motivated to read my Bible through out the week if I didn’t start strong on Monday.

3. Doing one thing out of the norm. It may be something small, like going for a walk with a friend during the evening, or writing a letter to a friend, or maybe even treating myself to a cookie after dinner. I just want to have something planed to look forward to.

Bonus: Watch the Blimey Cow video. They really do make Mondays fantastic :)

How do you make Mondays awesome?


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10 thoughts on “The Joy of Mondays.

  1. Katie

    This is a great post. The negative vibe put on Monday is almost just habit for me. I have no reason to dread a Monday because I stay at home with my baby and work on my blog when I can (like on a Friday Night). But yet somehow I still can dread Monday for no good reason at all.
    I am going to take your advice and look at Monday as a New Start to doing things better then last week.


  2. Brittany Bergman

    You’re so right about this, Kara! I’d never thought about the connection between the new year and a new week — the former feels so exciting and full of promise, and the latter feels like it’s crushing my dreams. Not really. But sometimes. :) I like your idea of doing something out of the ordinary on Mondays so you have something to look forward to. I think I’ll try that for myself!


  3. Beth P.

    Oh my goodness, I have had this opinion for ages! I mean really, Blimey Cow and a fresh start? Yuuus. I will never understand the hate poor Mondays endure. ;) Also, I loved your practical ideas for making Mondays even better! All 3 (okay 4) are brilliant. Thank the Lord, I’m already doing #2, but I’m making a note to myself to do #1. Wonderful thoughts, as always, Kara! :)



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