Someone wise once said, “Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.”

Well, I can certainly attest to the first part of that. How is it that it was three years ago that I started University? That’s insane to me! Where has the time gone??

Was it really three whole years ago that I loaded all the boxes up on my dad’s truck and drove 20 minutes to my University to move into a dorm?

Three years ago that my new roommate and I decided to skip out on several of our college’s “Welcome Week” activities because we felt like having “Roomie Bonding Time” was much more important?

Three years ago that I lay awake that dreaded “First Day of School Eve,” pondering the unknown about college classes. Were they really hard, or just a little hard?

Three years ago that I introduced myself to one of my suite-mates in our shared bathroom, with a toothbrush in my mouth?

After my first year at University, I wrote a reflection post, and I did the same last year. {See: One Year Later and Two Years Later.}

I think it’s about high time that I write a “Three Years Later” post. Especially considering that year four starts in less than a month…

{I’ve recently learned how to embed Instagram posts into blog posts… so this is also sorta “A Year in my Instagrams” lol!}

So here we go:

As horrible as last year was, this year was wonderful.

Cassie, my freshman/sophomore year roomie was engaged, so I switched to live with Michaela {who has guest posted here on Joy Because Grace several times :) }. She and I have been friends with since we were 13.

Living with her was a blast! I think it definetly took our friendship to a whole new level. We had many nights of talking and giggling until all hours of the night… and also many nights of very little talking since we were both exhausted and in an introvert-mood.

All in all, living with Michaela was definetly a plus to this year!


You might be a homeschooler {at heart} if… you watch Blimey Cow instead of doing homework. ? #mouseandkaraboo #blimeycow

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Life in the fall…

The fall semester was mainly occupied with Pageant (which you can read about here).


Hip hip hooray! Today is PAGEANT DAY!! Interviews and platform speeches are done, now it’s {almost} showtime!! ?❤️?

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This semester, I took the hardest class for my major that I have yet: The History of Spain (that was conducted entirely in Spanish). It was a v e r y difficult class. Memorizing dates and people is hard enough in English, let alone in a second language.

I also took an “internship” class this fall where I went to a local high school and observed a Spanish I teacher. The teacher was very sweet, but it was a boring class, for me and her students. I decided that I do not want to teach like her someday. I want to make learning Spanish fun!


Today’s episode of “Life of A Spanish Education Major.” ???

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School stuff aside, the fall was a blast!

One weekend one of my best friends who lives out of town (who also happens to be named Michaela) came to stay with my roomie and I for a weekend. We had so much fun! We went to a pumpkin patch and took pictures, watched a Barbie movie (because #childhood), and stayed up wayyy too late talking.


IT’S OCTOBER Y’ALL!!! I’M SO EXCITED!!! ???? #MyFavMonth #SoMuchOrange #PunkinHuntin #MickeysTripNorth

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Not to mention Moana came out this fall- and that was a definite YAY!


True friendship is going to see the new Disney daughter-of-the-chief movie together on the day it’s released. ?? #Moana #mouseandkaraboo

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Christmas time…

The four weeks that is Christmas Break are a life saver. I was so exhausted from Pageant and school work that I reallyyy needed a break.

Over the break, my university’s football team won the national championship, which was exciting. The game took place in Virginia, which is like a 13 or 17 hour bus drive away (somewhere in that range LOL). And Virginia is cold. And I don’t like football THAT much. So I decided to skip out on the road trip and watch the game from my computer at home.

Seems like a solid plan right?

Except, come to find out, I wasn’t able to connect to that channel because our network provider was spazzing somehow.

So no worries there… I just set up my laptop so I could see tweets about the game on one side of the screen and watch Gilmore Girls on the other. An ideal situation if you ask me! :D



In early January, my friend Cassie got married! Her wedding was gorgeous and I’m so happy for her and her new husband!


So excited because Cassie’s getting married tomorrow!!!!! ??????

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And the happy couple has finally formally declared their vows and love for each other in a public setting ??

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One of the first momentous occasions that happened in the Spring semester was when Caleb asked me out. *Squeals!* We’ve been dating just over 6 months now :)


Batman and Anna: The best of friends and officially official. ??

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Every Wednesday night during the semester I had a training meeting for my U.K. mission trip. I loved these trainings so much! It was a blast to get to know people who were going on the trip and learn how to best share my testimony.


The first of many team pics to come ❤

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Another thing that happened during the spring semester is my university’s yearly Easter Pageant. Since I’ve grown up in the same town as my university, I’ve been in this Easter Pageant every year since I was 8. I’m graduating this upcoming December, so this was my last ever Easter Pageant. *Cue the tears.*


❤ Easter Pageant Family ❤

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As far as classes go…

In the spring semester I took two Spanish literature classes. Those were rough. My education classes (curriculum design and classroom management) were so much fun and lightened my course load.

I also finally took my P.E. credits: yoga and ballroom dance. I loved both of those :) There were only two guys in my dance class… so I ended up learning the guy part of the salsa, fox trot, and swing. Lol!


My ballroom dance class peoples ??????

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I attended my university’s graduation ceremony for the first time because Cassie graduated this year! Whoo hoo!

Confession: I spent the entire graduation reading the latest Christy Miller book. When someone I knew walked across the stage, I would look up and cheer and then get back to my book.


When your first-ever roomie graduates and you feel so proud ??? #YayCassie!!

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And that’s the end of my third year of university!

Here’s to another exciting year!

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