My first year of college ended about a month and a half ago, and I figured it’s high time I do a quick recap of the year. So, today I present you with the top ten memory countdown- freshman edition. Here we go :)

10. Welcome Week

welcome week

Welcome Week was a blast! I met lots of awesome people and made some really great friends. My “family group” and I played a bunch of crazy games, ate Frosty Cones, learned about our university’s traditions, sang the Alma Mater day in and day out, and even completed a service project together. It was a great week.

9. Project Retreat

project retreat

One weekend in October, the college group from my church went on a weekend retreat. I wrote an entire post about this retreat when I got back, so I won’t go into much detail here, but I loved this retreat.



I attended the Christian Association of Student Leaders with my university’s Baptist Student Ministry in January. I met some really cool people from other universities and had a great time hanging out with them. You can read more about CASL here :)

7. Hall Decorating

hall decorating

In December, my dorm had a Door Decorating Contest. Our neighbors went all out with their door- they wrapped it and strung beads across it and even stuck their Christmas tree outside of their door. It looked fantabulous!
Then, we decided to decorate our entire hallway. We got busy cutting out paper snowflakes and hanging them from the ceiling using dental floss. Our hallway looked like a winter wonderland!!

6. Journey Kids

This past year, I was blessed with the opportunity to lead my church’s first and second graders during their Wednesday night program, Journey Kids. During the spring semester I led the worship time as well.
During Journey Kids, all of the kids would meet in the central room at the beginning of the night to hear the Bible story. Then we would split off into our age groups and rotate between memory verse, craft, and game time. Then at the end we would congregate together to worship.
I loved helping with Journey Kids, and I can’t wait for it to start back up in the fall!

5. Revival

revival (1)

Revival was awesome. Incredible. Challenging. Fantastic.
My relationship with Jesus grew so much during the three day revival, and I learned so much. Pictured above is my best friend and I with The Digital Age- they were our worship band that week!

4. Spanish Club

Spanish Club

At the beginning of the spring semester, one of my besties and I joined the university’s Spanish Club. Two of the events we participated in were Salsa Night and a trip to Fiesta in San Antonio, Texas.

Salsa Night was so much fun! There was a photo booth type-thingy and we had Mexican food and we were taught how to Salsa. My dance partner and I looked awkward compared to all of the Hispanics, but we had fun anywho :)

Then in April we traveled to San Antonio for a Mexican Rodeo. It was so interesting to watch… problem was it was SUPER hot outside. #TexasProblems. So we stayed for maybe an hour of the rodeo and then went to the Market to eat Mexican food. Yumm!

3. Easter Pageant 

Easter pageant

Since I have grown up in the area, I have been apart of my university’s Easter Pageant for ten years now. This was my first year doing it as a college student, however, and I was super pumped up about it!

We had rehearsals three times a week all semester leading up to Easter. Four of my friends and I were just crowd’s members, but one of my other friends was blessed with the amazing opportunity to be a Mourner, more specifically Martha, the sister of Mary and Lazarus.

The Saturday before the performance, about four hundred kids from the community showed up to rehearsal. They were then placed into “Families.”  My family consisted of five college students and ten hyper, energetic, and completely awesome seventh graders. We had a blast!

I love Easter Pageant. So much. It is by far my favorite tradition.

2. Valentine’s Day


If I had to name the most awesome single day of my freshman year, it would be Valentine’s Day. My two besties and I started the day with donuts (around noon, mind you. We kinda sorta love to sleep in on Saturdays) and then we went exploring by the creek that runs behind campus. We took lots and lots of cute pictures.
Later that evening I was able to see one of my friends who I’ve known forever, and we hung out a bit too. Then I went home to have dinner with my family (perks of going to a local university) and then drove back to campus where I met up with my suitemates to watch Pride and Prejudice.

1. Movie Nights

Movie Nights

This year, my suitemates and I had countless movie nights. It seemed like every weekend we would pull out the chips and dip, pop popcorn, drink Jumex (amazing Mexican fruit juice) and watch a movie. Or two. Or three. ;)
These were the times of community, where my suitemates and I (and ocationally our friend from upstairs) would gather and bond over a Disney movie, chick flick, or an action packed film.
These movie nights are what I miss most now that it’s summer.

These were my favorite moments of this year. When I look back on being a freshman, I’ll remember these times of growth and laughter. And I will smile.

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