Around November/December each year, I like to take a deeper look into Joy Because Grace’s analytics to see which posts have done well over the year so I can continue creating similar content in the upcoming year.

These last few weeks are no different :)

So as I was planning out my blog’s calendar for 2018, I looked at the top ten posts from 2017. As I did so, I thought, “Hey, this could be a fun end-of-the-year post idea!”

If you’re new around here, I hope this will give you an idea of the sort of content you’ll find on Joy Because Grace. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, maybe you’ll see a post you missed on this list or see one of your favorites. :)

Either way, here are the top ten post from 2017 :)

(Click on the title of each listed post to be taken to the article.)


10. How to Put Your Mind on God (Instead of Guys)

This post I wrote after receiving a question on this topic from a reader. In this post, I dive deep into a personal story in which I was obsessed with a guy. I shared how I made this guy into an idol and how I eventually learned how to break free from that obsession.

There’s also a freebie you can download that goes along with this post!


9. The One Thing I Pray For My Future Husband More Than Anything Else

I talk about praying for your future husband quite a bit here on Joy Because Grace. However, more often than not, I offer up quick, five-second prayers for my future husband. Most of these prayers are the same request, again and again.

In this post, I shared the one request I pray for my future husband the most. Curious? Check it out!


8. 12 Ways To Make a Long Distance Relationship Easier

This post was written by my friend Michaela when she was in a long-distance relationship. If you’re in a long distance relationship, you’ll definitely want to check out some of her tips!


7. How you know you’ve found “The One”

This post I wrote shortly after I returned from a mission trip to England. Several of the people on my team asked the pastor of the British church this question, and his answer was unlike one I had ever heard. So I decided to share it with you!

I also did a Facebook live video on the topic, sharing a different viewpoint there. You can find that video in the blog post. :)


6. 3 Things to do When All Your Friends Are Dating… And You’re Not 

This was the very first post published on Joy Because Grace this year :)

Have you ever been in a situation when all your friends were dating and you weren’t? Like, literally ALL of your closest friends were in a relationship… except you.

Yeah, I’ve been there.

In this post, I shared three things that I have done to help me in this situation and I hope that it will help you too.


5. The Pros and Cons of Dating in High School

The fact that this post made the top ten list surprised me. I honestly didn’t expect it to do so well.

I chose not to date in high school, and in this post, I explained why. In this post, I also admit to whether I regret not dating in high school or if I’m still pleased with my decision.


4. How to Create an Interactive Prayer Journal

I created an interactive prayer journal the fall of 2016. I ended up doing a Facebook live video where I shared my favorite pages with you, and then I created a corresponding blog post.

Before I created this prayer journal, I would often “tune out” or pray on “auto-pilot,” and that’s not what I wanted my prayer life to be like! So I created an interactive prayer journal to help keep me engaged in prayer.

So if you’re curious about creating an interactive prayer journal, definitely check out this post and the corresponding video. Creating one is easier than it may seem :)


3. Christian Dating- Your Questions Answered!

This was a fun post to put together! It’s a round-up of over 30 different articles from the internet which answer the most common questions about dating, love, break-ups, and how to know if you should marry the guy you’re with.

This is a great resource, and regardless of if you’re single or dating, I encourage you to bookmark or pin this post so you can refer to it when you need it. :)


2. 7 Ways to Be a Godly Girlfriend

This is actually a guest post series I wrote for Abigail over at the Finer Confidence blog. :)

My boyfriend Caleb and I have been dating for almost a year now. However, this is the first real relationship I have ever been in and I’m still learning how to be a godly girlfriend. When Caleb and I started dating, I searched my Bible to find a passage that could be applied to dating.

Finally, I found what I was looking for and then I used that passage as a constant check to see if I was being the best girlfriend I could be.

(I also wrote a follow-up post, 7 More Ways To Be A Godly Girlfriend, if you would like to see part 2.)

And this brings us to the #1 post of the year…


1. 4 Ways to Handle a Crush

This post was also written by my friend Michaela :)

I absolutely LOVE all the advice Michaela gave in this post! If you’re wondering how to deal with a crush in a godly way, Michaela has you covered!

So there you have it! The top ten posts from 2017!

I want to know in the comments: Which of these posts is your favorite?

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