I’m ashamed.


Worried about what other people might think of me.

The opinions of people I barely know matter to me. I want people I just met to like me, before I even know if I like them. If their opinion should matter.

When I walk to class, I tend to avoid eye contact with people, just like everyone else does. Eyes straight ahead. Or down at a phone.

But that’s not what I want.

I want to be unashamed. 

Like Rachel Joy Scott. I want to start a chain reaction by loving someone like how Jesus loves them. By showing them compassion.

Because what if I wasn’t afraid?

What if I wasn’t ashamed?

If I wasn’t worried about what they think but rather about what He thinks?

Would I smile at people as I passed them on the sidewalk. Make eye contact with them? Bid them a good morning?

I think I would.

If I was truly unashamed of the Gospel, my life would probably be different than it is right now. Presently, I care a lot about my family and my friends. People I know. People who know me.

But I have to honestly ask myself, Do I care about strangers, too?

Because Jesus cared about strangers. Jesus cared about everyone.

I don't want to care what others think of me. I want to show them the love of Christ. I want to be unashamed of the Gospel, fully living for Him.

This is what missional living is all about.

When we go on mission trips we purposefully reach out to people we’ve never met before and show them the love of Christ and tell them that Jesus loves them.

Why can’t our whole life be one giant mission trip?

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Why don’t we tell people in line behind us at Walmart that Jesus loves them? And/or pay for the car behind us in the drive-thru in order to silently show them the generous love of Jesus?

I believe my whole life should be a mission trip. I have been sent by God to tell others about Him, and so have you. We don’t have to be somewhere other than our home to do this, but rather we can show the love of God no matter where we are.

Because His love knows no limits.

If we truly believe that Jesus is the only way to heaven, then why aren’t we more desperate to see everyone we know come to Him? Why are we complacent?

I know I’m asking a lot of rhetorical questions in this post, but really, y’all- I want to change.

I want to do hard things and I want to live out Jesus’ love. When people look at me, I want them to see Him.

I want to touch lives, and encourage others to know Him fully. But truth be told, I can’t point others to Him if I don’t have a strong relationship with Him myself. 

I need to be reading my Bible daily. Praying daily. Worshiping Him daily.

Because this war we’re in doesn’t just happen on Sundays, it’s a daily fight.

I don’t want to be scared to show people the love of Christ. Neither do I want to worry what others might think.

I want to be unashamed.

One thought on “I want to be unashamed.

  1. Le'nae Brooks

    I love this! I truly agree with you. I actually sometimes can be a little hard on people I know than strangers. Our btoehrs and sisters need his love too, and I am so easy to get mad at them and shut them out. Live unashmed of truly having the love of Christ in me.

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