Continuing in the theme of “praying for our future husbands” that we’ve been discussing this month, today I’m sharing a few ideas as to what we can pray for our future husbands. {See also: why we should pray for our future husbands and ways to pray for our future husbands.}

This is just a list to help get us started. There are countless things we can pray for the man we will one day marry.

{My friend Abigail also wrote a post containing topics to pray for our future husband, and she also explains how she comes up with these ideas. Check it out! How to Pray for Your Future Husband :) }

Three broad categories of what we can pray for are:
1) Our future husbands’ relationship with God
2) Our future husbands’ relationship with other people
3) Our future husband as a person

Ideas to help you know how to start praying for your future husband.

20 Things To Pray For Your Future Husband:

For his relationship with God…

  • That he may love the Lord more than everything
  • That he may long to read the Bible and hide His words in his heart
  • That he may become a prayer warrior
  • That he would trust God with every aspect of his life

For his relationships with people…

  • Pray for his parents and any siblings and that they would love and respect each other
  • Pray for his friends and that they may have fun together and make great memories and help each other grow in their walks with God
  • Pray for any coworkers he may have and that they would get along and support each other
  • Pray for him and his church and that he may find people with whom to connect and serve. Also that he may be a part of a church that teaches the truth of the Bible and enables him to grow in his faith in Jesus
  • Pray that he may bless anyone he meets

For him as a person…

  • For leadership
  • For patience
  • That he may have many reasons to laugh
  • For strength in character/ courage
  • For humility
  • That God would protect him and keep him healthy
  • That God would give him hopes and dreams
  • For purity
  • That he may have a good day today
  • That he would be able to forgive those he needs to forgive
  • For wisdom

Ideas to help you know how to start praying for your future husband.

Another great way to brainstorm what to pray is to pray through Scripture. Find passages in the Bible (there are many in the letters in the New Testament) that speak to wives and husbands, or men in the church, and pray for those qualities for your husband.

{Note: even though we should expect God to move powerfully through our prayers, we also need to keep in mind that everyone has flaws. Even if we pray for our future husbands to be absolutely perfect and flawless, that will never happen. There is only one person who was ever flawless, and that was Jesus.}

So on that note, just simply pray that he becomes the man God wants him to be. And trust God to lead him to Himself and bring him to you in God’s perfect timing.

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