Today Lo from All That Motivates is talking with us about Godly Friendships.

Do your friends share your faith?

When I look back at the friends that I’ve had through out my life I can tell you right now not all of them were Christians. Some claimed to be, some wore the title but didn’t live the life, and others were very blatant and bold in their choice to not believe or simply not to care.

I would never shut down a friendship due to a difference in beliefs. That’s not God’s love.

But I can say, of all the friendships that have come and gone, the strongest of them were the ones where we had our faith in common and Christ was part of the relationship.

Why Godly Friendships Matter

The best part about having a friend (or friends) who are Christians is that you have people you know are going to speak positively into your life. They are going to pull out the best in you. They give you space to be genuine instead of expecting you to be “polished” to perfection.

I think there’s a certain amount of vulnerability that comes with a Christ centered friendship. When an issue arises I know I can speak without fear of being judged. I know I have a someone who will listen, and a friend who will be quick to pray.

There will always be someone to keep me accountable and encourage spiritual and personal growth in me. The accountability piece becomes very real when you have Christ centered friendships. It’s easier for those who understand your standard of living to keep you accountable to it.

But like I said before, faith isn’t everything in a friendship. You can have great friends that hold different beliefs than you do. Character is what will truly make the difference. So let’s take a second and look at 4 characteristics to look for when building beneficial friendships.

Sharing your faith is very important in a friendship, but it isn't everything. Here are four key characteristics to look for in a friend.

4 Questions to Ask About the Friends You Keep:

1. Are they living a life of Integrity?

It’s always important to be aware of the company you are keeping. People tend to base their opinions about your character partly on the company you keep; the people you hang out with. It’s important to surround yourself with people who are committed to doing the right thing even when it’s hard, and even more so when no one is looking.

People of poor integrity tend to find themselves (and those they spend time with) in messy situations. For that reason, lack of integrity should be a deal breaker. Yes, Integrity is that big of a deal.

2. Do they routinely extend Grace?

And not just to you or their friends but to everyone. Strangers? Co-workers? Family? How about the grocery store clerk? Or the grandma driving 45 miles an hour on the highway? Or the college professor that has it out for them?

Grace. It may not be easy, but it is one of the best ways to be a light to those around you. And let’s face it, we all need it. We are all going to fall short at one time or another. It’s in our nature. And in those moments when our actions are less than par, a little grace from a good friend can go a long way.

3. Are they peace-makers?

Back in college I remember trying to become friends with a girl at our church, simply for the sake of keeping the peace in our circle of friends. Everybody in our youth group seriously loved her; but I could not stand her. And sure I had my reasons. But what I regret most about that friendship (or lack of) was that my inability to uplift and encourage that one person; my inability to love her and speak life over her caused me to become “that girl.” You know, the toxic one that sews division without even realizing it? Yup, that was me.

And what role did she play? The peace-maker. The influencer. The friend people wanted to be around and the friend people would defend.

When you are looking for friends look for peace-makers. Look for people who will speak life into you, uplift and encourage you, and set their pride aside for the sake of peace.

4. Can you count on them to intercede for you?

Transitioning into young adult life I realized one thing.

I needed prayer partners more than I needed friends to party with.

Partying didn’t ever enrich my life. It wasn’t fun. I didn’t benefit from it. It just wasn’t worth my time. Prayer on the other hand.. encouraged me. It kept me rooted in my faith and strengthen my relationship with God. And there is nothing better than sharing that with a friend.

It’s encouraging to know that when I need encouragement, my friends are quick to pray.
When life gets hard my friends are quick to pray.
When life is amazing my are quick to thank God with me.

That means the world to me.

What characteristics do you look for in a good friend?

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